Henry Holland Is Immune To Stress. Models Are Pretty Brainy. And Other Things We Learnt Backstage At House Of Holland

All the stress and silliness of backstage at Henry Holland's Spring/Summer 2015 show


by Emma Gannon |

So you already know what happened at the House of Holland show intimately right because you've been following our secret Snapchat of every lols moment and backstage stress all week? Right? No?! Well what the hell is wrong with you - add thedebrief on Snapchat now to not miss out again. (Houseofholland are on Snapchat too and doing pretty ace work, just fyi.)

But in the meantime, here's what we learnt from hanging out with Henry and co. for some fun Fashion Week times.

Henry Holland's mum, Steffi, is hilarious. And his biggest fan


First up: how ace that Henry's mum carries a personalised House of Holland iPhone cover whereever she goes. And that she's always front row at his show, travelling in from France where she lives to make a guest appearance. So does her son get nervous before his shows? 'Not really!' she told us. 'Just excited. As he always says himself he has an attention span of about ten minutes so he doesn't have time to get nervous.' And does Henners ask her advice? 'He doesn't ask for it. But I give it to him anyway,' she laughs. 'And we always totally disagree!' (You can see where he gets his fiercely fun personality from, right?)

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**The tan's going nowhere. And it is possible to get one that's streak free


You know all those rumours that the tan is going out of fashion and that pale skin is in? Not at the House of Holland. (Quite literally). Centre stage in the prep area was a massive St Tropez tanning booth, fit for a TOWIE party, where all the models had a quick dip. And you know what? It looked flawless. Unlike when we do it in our bathroom mirrors. The professionals tip? Use a mitt to tap down tricky areas like elbows and knees.


Salty popcorn was the snack of choice

They don't just like popcorn at House of Holland, they LOVE it. Yes there were some sandwiches, and crisps and drinks. But salt and pepper flavoured Propercorn seemed to be the snack of choice. (And it was pretty yummy.)


**Catwalk hair's actually pretty easy to recreate at home


Ok, it helps that the show was themed around Groupies, who have 'just woke up kinda of hair.' But still - pretty ace that it's easy to get from home. 'This look is totally understated. You literally just grab the GHD classic wave wand and run it back and forward. You don't even have to touch the hair with your hand, it's that easy. Then you get this sort of dewy, sweaty look. Like a boy's sweaty palm. It says, "I'm going to go out and get a bit drunk tonight",' hair stylist Adam Reed, who has worked at the House of Holland shows for a fair few seasons, told us. 'I'm calling it The Runwave,' he laughed. 'You see what I did there!'

Adam Reed's hair

**Models might be glued to their phones. But they're not on Tinder


Models are notoriously tapping away. So they're on Snapchat, right? Tinder? Not Josefin Gustafsson, who won Top Model in Sweden. She told us she used the time getting ready shows to study. *'*I don't normally play any games or anything because I'm currently studying so I often use that time in between hair and makeup to revise a bit for my studies. I normally do download the textbooks onto my phone though, as the books are a bit of a pain to carry around.' Rather too well behaved for our liking. But hey, you can't argue with those time-management skills.

Models on phones!

Henry literally does not get stressed. At ALL

Never before have we seen a designer act so relaxed before a show. Henry is one cool customer, just chilling and laughing and hugging his fellow team members even seconds before the show. Even right before the show was about to start he was sitting messing around in the tanning booth trying to get changed into another t-shirt.

Henry's faux stress

**And he does the cutest pep talk for his models


Minutes before the models went out, Henry hand-crafted a big sign just above the door to the catwalk. 'Strong. Confident. Sexy. On the list. You wrote the list. Slutty. Hot,' he wrote. And they were.


**Even top models don't always love wearing high heels **

So it's already clear that Matilda Lowther is this London Fashion Week's hot model to watch. (You know, the one who currently dates Jamie Campbell-Bower and is gracing this month's *Miss Vogue *cover). And you know what makes her our one to watch? That she left it until the last minute to put on the mega-heels that went with the House of Holland sixties-It-girl-vibe-show. Exactly what we'd do if we were about to walk out into hundreds of cameras.


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