These Instagram Influencers Are Fighting Over Their Almost-Identical Feeds

Bloggers Jennifer Lake and Rosie Clayton used to be friends until this awkward Instagram argument took off

Fashion Bloggers Copying Each Others Outfits Instagram

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We've all watched films where unlucky women are forced to run into toilet cubicles or hide behind trees because they've spotted someone else wearing the same outfit.

But this awkward Instagram feud between bloggers Jennifer Lake (whose pictures are on the right-hand side) and Rosie Clayton (whose pictures are on the left) prove that things can be even more uncomfortable when it happens in real life (or in Instagram).

Style Charade founder Jennifer turned every Instagram addict into an amateur detective when she posted an article called 'What to do when you’re being copied on Instagram' on her blog. 'Someone has been using my Instagram account as a template for their own,' Lake wrote in what she called the only negative post she had ever written, 'This person has systematically copied my channel, captions, location concepts, and personal style for more than three years. I’m not talking about just a dress, a pose, a wall, etc. (although there’s that too). It’s about ongoing examples of copying (exact looks, images, and ideas).' Lake declined to mention the name of the alleged plagiarist, but claimed that the situation may have cost her contracts.

Fashion Bloggers Copying Each Others Outfits Instagram

This is where Rosie Clayton comes into the story. Many suspected that the former boutique owner was be the 'plagiarist', especially since the pair were former friends who had become rivals over time.

But things are not so simple. When journalists questioned her on the uncanny similarities between her Instagram feed and Lake's own account , she responded: 'I’m not connected with certain big fashion bloggers and I don’t have a blog [like Lake]...Because I have less followers it looks like I’m the one copying.'

It is not immediately obvious who is copying whom, or whether this is all an incredibly weird coincidence. Clayton, who joined the photo-sharing site in November 2011, was the first of the pair to have an online presence, but, as Clayton points out, it is actually Lake who currently has the most followers. Both bloggers are popular, however, with Lake's account having 149,000 followers and Clayton's having 119,000.

Fashion Bloggers Copying Each Others Outfits Instagram
Fashion Bloggers Copying Each Others Outfits Instagram
Fashion Bloggers Copying Each Others Outfits Instagram

Chicago magazine, however, believes that they've cracked the mystery: 'Lake posted a few puns in the summer of 2013 but really ramped up in the spring of 2014,' the publication reported, 'Clayton started punning in the fall of 2014. Both women wear sunglasses in almost every photo, which Clayton began doing in June 2016 and Lake in September 2016.'

Without definitive proof, there can be no tidy ending to this fashion fiasco, but the instance is just one of the examples which make Instagram the 'worst for young mental health', according to the BBC.

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