The Golden Globes 2015: If Dresses Could Talk

Awards season kicks off in LA with the Golden Globes and we've got the low-down straight from the frocks


by Charlie Byrne |

Golden Globes Gallery

Rosamund Pike
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Iu2019m doing my very very best to stay very very VERY still and make sure lovely Rosamundu2019s vital bits are covered, despite my slightly precarious insy-winsy string straps. There might not be much of me, but Iu2019m determined to make one hell of an impact.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe
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Iu2019m the right kind of dress to make Hannah look great, but not too stand-out and flashy. Sheu2019s already got half the worldu2019s population giving her jealous evils for marrying Eddie. Between you and me... Itu2019s no coincidence that Iu2019m green.

Zosia Mamet
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Honey, Iu2019m the sugar plum fairy of red carpet outfits. Check out my sweetheart neckline, poofy skirt and peplum. Iu2019m like the girliest option for one of the girls, yep from Girls. Oh, did I mention I'm pink!

Lana Del Ray
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Just call me Ariel. Iu2019m vibing off mermaid style and clinging to all the right places on Lana, while doing my best not to pinch her ankles and trip her up. Please donu2019t look too closely at my hem - I kind of look like I have fins.

Emily Blunt
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No, for the last time, Iu2019m NOT a wedding dress. Sure, I might be white, long and flowy and perfect for a beach ceremony at sunset, but Iu2019m NOT a wedding dress. Just ask Mr Kors if you don't believe me! OK? Good.

Lena Dunham
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Lena might have decided to delete Twitter for the night so she has a u2018safer emotional space’ this evening but Iu2019m by no means a safe choice. Iu2019m silky, Iu2019m sassy, I'm Zac Posen and I match the carpet. Iu2019m one sexy, sophisticated little number. I'M RED HOT!!

Alison Williams
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Get a load of me baby - I'm basically the most red carpet-ish dress you can get. I mean I'm scarlet, I'm ruffled AND I'm sparkly - and did I mention I'm Armani. Take that, wallflowers. You don't stand a chance.

Tina Fey
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'Try to be a serious dress... Try to be a serious dress... Try to be...' Oh sorry you interrupted my pep talk. I'm being worn by Hollywood's funniest woman so I have to work hard to be taken seriously. But come on, I've got a lantern hem and I'm covered in sparkles - I'm no sour puss - I'm here to have fun!

Jessica Chastain
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I'm gleamy and dreamy, working a Grecian goddess thing for Jessica right now. Sure, some people reckon i'm brown so I must be boring, but I prefer bronze, thank you very much. And I reckon I look banging with Jessica's copper locks. So there.

Reese Witherspoon
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'Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Staying alive, staying alive...' It's disco time baby. I've got a column full of sparkles and I'm not afraid to use them. Come near me, and I will glint my Calvin Klein powers all over you.

Keira Knightley
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I'm covering up basically one of the most beautiful babies that will ever been born. How many other dresses are doing that job tonight, HUH?! My wholesome butterfly print is perfect for a blooming momma, and check out my partner in crime - the butterfly palm cuff. We're nailing it.

Felicity Jones
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I'm not sure I got the right memo for the dress code... Everyone else is a lot skimpier than me. Maybe I should have loosened up a little and allowed a little collar bone to show? Nah, I'm award nominated me. And I'm god damn Dior.

Dakota Johnson
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Erm... does no one else know this awards thing is like, a huge deal? Where's all your bling? Your razzmatazz? Your oomph? I'm sparkling with the power of a zillion silver sequins and bringing the boob tube back in one fell swoop. Ptsch. You lot are amateurs. Let me show you how it's done!

Sienna Miller
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Boho Sienna is back. I've kidnapped her, put her in a time machine, and covered her in a world of noughties style embroidery. Only Miu Miu has the power to do that. Prepare for big belts and Ugg boots, soon to make a comeback too.

Emma Stone
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Ok so let me break it down for you. I'm not a dress. And I'm not trousers. And no, I don't have a tail. I'm a super swish jumpsuit with a giant satin bow. And I'm Lanvin. Come on, did you really expect Spiderman's girlfriend to pick a boring slinky number? I've got sass, sista.

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