Going For Lunch With Your Gran? Dig Out Your Old Pleated Skirt And We’ll Show You How To Make It Look Cool

We take some stuff you already own, and add it to other stuff you already own, so you can wear it this weekend

Going For Lunch With Your Gran? Dig Out Your Pleated Skirt And We'll Show You How To Make It Look Cool

by Charlie Byrne |

Easter usually involves a lunch where you have to sit, twiddle your thumbs, not check Tinder, and look presentable to extended members of family so that your mum doesn't kick you under the table. It's not like you're seven, or anything, but you might as well still be when it comes to this sort of family catch up. And from past experience, it doesn't go down so well if you rock up wearing ripped skinny jeans and the T shirt off your floor from that 'one drink' you went for with your friends from home that unexpectedly escalated.

So you need to dig deep into the back of your wardrobe, and find that pleated skirt that you bought last year to wear to work because there was a pleated skirt zeitgeist and you thought it would make you look like you've got your shit together. If you don't have one (then it's because you threw it away, because EVERYONE had one) then the updated version is a suede style, like this Topshop number.


Skirt, £48, Topshop

Now just because your gran's there doesn't mean you have to go all Little House On The Prairie. It IS possible to wear a pleated skirt and not look like you're about to do the school run.

You're going to want to find a plain T shirt that you've got lying around (clean, ironed - grannies notice these things) and tuck it in.

Next, throw on your bomber jacket. This is to give the illusion of a cardigan (another granny fave) without actually wearing a cardigan, because I don't think I know anyone under 35 who owns a cardigan that isn't the massive slouchy style you wear over pyjamas when you're hungover. And this is not the time for that.

Got some sandals that look a bit smart? Add those into the equation. If it feels too soon for sandals, try your loafers, or any smart-ish looking flat that isn't a ballet pump. Sorry Nan.

The final flourish? Take style inspo from your Gran, and wear an itsy bitsy bag (it's not like you need any stuff with you anyway) with a long strap. Wear across your body for extra brownie points.

Here's your shopping list, if you're missing part of the equation.


T shirt, £9.95, GAP, bomber jacket, £150, Whistles, sandals, £39.99, Zara, bag, £29, & Other Stories

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