Give Your Boring-Old Loafers A DIY Catwalk Makeover

Boring black flats get a designer-inspired update


by Jenny Brownlees |
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At Louis Vuitton’s SS 16 show the devil really was in the details. The show, inspired by video game heroines, featured fierce studded leather, loop strapping, mesh overlays and tassel trims to name by a few. But it was a fab pair of black slingback loafers with white trim detail that really caught our eye.


Now for the untrained fashion eye, this technique is called a Whip Stitch. We’re certain you’ll be seeing this stitching detail pop up all over the high street next season, but who wants to wait that long? So we set our minds to DIY’ing a pair ourselves.

You’ll need

Black flat loafers (no tassels, please). We revamped last season’s Primark bargain loafers, but you can get a similar pair from New Look

2 sets of 2 white leather laces, 3mm thick and 120cm long. One order will get you one pair, you will need two pairs to DIY your flats (and anyway, £7.40 isn’t bad for a could-be designer DIY update)

A small and large headed screwdriver (approximately 2mm and 5mm heads). Heck you can get a full set of 32 screwdrivers for £2.99 and we bet it’ll come in handy when something (inevitably) breaks in your flat.

How to

(NB these instructions make it sound a lot harder than it is, it’s simply punching a hole, threading and repeating, you got this!)

                              No need for a new season shoe purchase, you just successfully revamped your loafers! Surely that deserves a glass of carafe or two…

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