How To Frozen The Fuck Out Of Your Occasionwear Whether You’re More Elsa Or Olaf

Is it ever OK to go full Elsa IRL? Probably not.

How To Frozen The Fuck Out Of Your Occasionwear Wear Whether You're More Elsa Or Olaf

by Jess Commons |
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For better or worse, what films we watch totally influences what clothes show up in the shops. Remember Great Gatsby? One could barely move down the high street without tripping over jewelled headbands and dropped waist dresses. Which was great if you were a sylph-like fifteen year old with a cute little bob, less so if you’re a lumpy twenty something with straggly hair and a dislike of anything sparkly.

You might have heard the news today that Frozen 2 has been confirmed. Which is great if you’re Charlie our fashion editor (she’s got tickets to go and see Frozen On Ice) and less great if you’re me (I own one skirt that isn’t black, and it’s grey. Plus, musicals scare the living shit out of me). Anyways, judging by all the occasionwear that’s dropping at the moment for this summer (think weddings, christenings and proms) the fashion industry are well aware of the Power Of Elsa and Co.

Here’s how to do it tastefully whether you’re more Olaf or Elsa.

The Full Elsa

Tread very carefully. Charlie I’m looking at you. One misplaced sparkle or fur stole and you go from fashion to fancy dress. Which is fine if you’re nine, but you’re not, you’re a grown up lady with an event to attend. This ASOS SALON floral dress is un-freaking believable but wear to a wedding with caution lest the bride take umbrage with your thinly veiled attempt to upstage her. Team it with a denim or leather jacket and steer clear of the sparkly jewellery, that’s an order.


ASOS, £150

The Safe Middle Ground

All the colours and sparkle of an Elsa dress while maintaining a respectful distance from all things Princessy. This Monsoon dress won’t be getting dated any time soon so buy now to wear for weddings and christenings for years to come.


Monsoon, £129

The I See Your Elsa, But I’m Gonna Do My Own Thing

HELLO. This is what would have happened if, instead of running away to live on a mountain, Elsa had headed off to university and realised that in cities, people don’t much wear ball gowns. Again, keep it simple and let the sequins do the talking.


French Connection, £150

The Off-Piste Olaf

What happened when Elsa got in front of Tyra Banks and got the Top Model makeover. There’s nothing chintzy or sparly here, instead, play homage to the film with this subtle but edgy dress.


Three Floor, £215

The IDGAF About Frozen But My God I’m Going To Look Fabulous

It’s white, it’s shiny, I’m a fucking snow princess and you can like it or lump it.


Topshop, £65

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