Floral Bucket Hats. Chokers. And Other Style Notes To Steal From Grunge Model Grace Small

Her insouciant 90s aesthetic is pretty sassy


by Pandora Sykes |
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‘TLC are a big influence in my life,’ says Aussie import and Hackney dweller, Grace Small, offering up just one reason as to why we love the 23-year-old model. Another might be that whatever photoshoot Elite London's Grace is starring in, we find ourselves just as busy admiring her insouciant, cheeky attitude as much as we do the clothes.

Grace’s style is effortless: trendless and nostalgic with a pop-culture edge and oft not dissimilar to Alice Dellal. A mix of 90s grunge and urban logomania, she’s too cool for school, sure – but in a really nice way. Which is why the sassy London girl is the latest subject of regular style dissection**. **Here’s what we can learn:

1. Borrow from the boys. Literally


‘I live with my friends Guille and Nicholas and they influence my style a lot. They dress like old-school Raf Simons poster boys and I steal their clothes,’ Grace tells us. If this does it for you, try a Stussy sweater, Adidas athletic socks and pool slides.

2. Dress with attitude


Grace’s grunge basics include floral dresses, fishnet tights, denim cut-offs and crop tops. ‘I love the music and character element of the grunge movement. The whole “anything goes” attitude is appealing; not caring what people think. Approach grunge like an attitude – rather than a style. Just add a choker or some messy make-up. I am very prone to a choker. They make a simple outfit more interesting,’ she says. Hear hear.

3. Be whimsical with your style


One day in all-black fierceness, the next day in a vintage Levi 501s and old Adidas sneaks, Grace mixes it up. ‘My style changes day to day, depending on my mood and the weather change! Sometimes I dress like a boy, sometimes I like dressing like a five-year-old girl, sometimes I feel like dressing up and other times... I wear near pyjamas.’

4. Sift through the bargain bins at Beyond Retro – not just your local H&M


You won’t be surprised to hear that Grace’s floral dress didn’t come from Topshop. (Floral dresses are always better when vintage, fyi; they've got that genuine 90s thang about them.) ‘I mostly wear vintage, but I like UNIQLO for basics and then Calvin Klein if I want to dress a bit smart,’ says Grace.

**5. Make your staple pieces the thing that no-one else has



‘In summer I always wear this crappy faux snakeskin mini skirt which is vintage and super comfy. In winter, I live in a boy’s Miyuki-Zoki camouflage jacket that I stole from Guille. I also recently bought a flowery bucket hat which reminds me of being in Australia! I used to have one when I was younger.’

**6. Screw the kitten heels; think chunky domme boots instead



Like Alice Dellal, Ms Small is often in a super-chunky boot. ‘Bullboxer’s boots are the best boots I’ve come across. They’re the perfect shape. Otherwise, I love schoolgirl shoes like DMs,’ says Grace.

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Pictures: Rebecca Naen, Viktor Vauthier

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