Flashback Friday To When Victoria Beckham Went Brilliantly Rogue With Her Fashion Choices

Yes, the noughties were cruel to all of us but, actually, VB did a sterling sartorial job. Most of the time.

Flashback Friday To When Victoria Beckham Went Brilliantly Rogue With Her Fashion Choices

by Jess Commons |
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Victoria Beckham's wardrobe has been a rollercoaster over the years but, if you actually delve deep into her back catalogue, there's way more bangers than bum notes.

Let's have a look...

The Turtleneck Dream

VB here living out 2016's ideal look back in the heady days of 1997. You can literally get this dress on ASOS right now. Go forth and steal her look.


The Formal Pantsuit

Does VB look amazing here? Or does David just look so Matrix that she looks great in comparison?

The Bootcut Brilliance

Srsly considering going back to the bootcut. Top work VB.

My Chica Latina

High fashion or red emoji lady cosplay that was ahead of it's time? Either way, don't care. Banging dress, 10/10 would borrow.

The Dane Bowers Era

There's no-one to blame this look on but Dane. And, seeing as no-one's heard hide nor hair from him since he narrowly avoided jail for hitting his girlfriend in the face, let's go for it.

The 'Can I See The Manager' Look

Sharon here likes nights out with the girls in Slug and Lettuce, pink Lambrini, Loose Women and thinks that Mark Wright off the telly is a 'right dish'.

The Viva Italia

'I see you Nancy Del Olio. I see you thinking you've got dibs on Eurotrash-chic. Sleep with one eye open mate. Me and my biker jacket are coming for you.'

The Baz Luhrmann Effect

Baz mate, there's still a generation of spurned women who want answers for the corset trend. Voulez vous couchez avec moi? More like voulez-vous expliquer pourquoi le Moulin Rouge fait prosititute-chic et cool?

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