Harry Styles And Andrew Garfield Are Wearing Flares – And Soon You Will Be, Too

You'll be wearing flares next spring. Yes, really.

harry styles andrew garfield flares

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Harry Styles is making a one-man case for flares. He is, after all, the living embodiment of why Big Girl's Blouse is not, in fact, a reductive, gendered insult but a truly brilliant compliment. The thing is, this is not just another case of Harry Styles Looking Good In Clothes. Rather, it is evidence that Styles is a fashion clairvoyant – a trendsetter of the highest order. Except he's not alone. There is another man proving that flares are, in fact, A Thing once more. And that man is Andrew Garfield. The place? Drag Race UK.

For his appearance as one of the first celebrity guest judges (along with Alan Carr) on the new Drag Race UK, Garfield wore one of the most spectacular pairs of flares I've ever seen. They evoked memories of my own Miss Sixty pair, which I wore for the whole of 2005. More importantly, they looked excellent as Garfield CRAWLED down the catwalk (please enjoy the following video).

In a red satin (!) shirt and camel blazer, Garfield truly committed to his 70s homage. And while it shouldn't work, it really, really does. This was somewhat of a surprise flare, if you will, whereas Styles has been sporting his flares for some time now (mostly Gucci, naturally, as he is the brand's poster boy). He most recently appeared in a pair of flared jeans, worn perfectly with an orange, V-neck jumper – a top-to-toe Gucci look. And just like that, he (and Garfield, mid-crawl) replaced Katie Holmes as the inventor of this season's perfect outfit.

The fact that Styles is sporting a French Tuck to make even Tan France jealous is just a brilliant byproduct of this situation. The main issue remains that Styles is currently wearing the style of jeans that Celine, at Paris Fashion Week last month, has declared as IN for spring.

Of course, flared jeans may make you think of Britney circa 1999 (and perhaps not in a good way) or JLo wearing hers with UGG boots. Banish such thoughts and instead gaze on the perfection of Styles's Gucci get-up. And Garfield's 70s homage. Or, look at the Celine catwalk, where designer Hedi Slimane sent models out in buttoned-down shirts, blazers and Converse with their flares. Other models wore theirs with pussybow shirts for an explicit 70s feel – something Styles may be trying in the near future, perhaps?

Celine SS20 flares
Celine SS20

While you may associate them with your least fashionable friend (you don't have to admit it, we're all doing it) the truth is that they can be extremely flattering; most of them are naturally high waisted and, given the excess material, they make legs look longer. But who really cares about flattering when they're so much fun to wear?

Who'd have thought that Styles would inhabit such a crucial role in fashion? For anyone who has recently enjoyed the pleasure of re-watching his initial X Factor audition video on YouTube, I'd say nobody.

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