Five Things To Keep Under Your Desk That Will Hide The Fact You Stayed Out Partying All Night

Your boss never needs to know you were doing shots of tequila at 5am


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All rules and restraint go right out of the window in December, so if there's ever a time that 'I'll just have a couple and get the last train home' really means some cocktails, a bottle of prosecco, a five hour memory blank and a 7am wakeup call on your mate's sofa, this is it.

We're not saying we advocate staying out all night and then looking shifty at work while hoping nobody remembers what you wore yesterday, but we're open to admitting the inevitable, so are giving you this invaluable Christmas gift: A list of simple clothing items you can stash in your desk draw and some tips on how to throw them on with that you're already wearing to make you look fresh and new on four hours sleep and last night's outfit. We're assuming you've already got a stockpile of Ibuprofen, Berocca, Alka Seltzer XL and concealer on hand for the finishing touches...

Last night... You wore a statement skirt and a crop top

Keep at work: a chunky knit jumper

Styling: switch crop top for jumper

Going out:

Skirt, £25 + Crop Top, £10

A fluffy jumper looks great contrasted with a razzy skirt so it'll look like you've completely thought about this outfit. Tuck it in for extra polish if you're feeling up to it and feel comfort from the fact that this is a hug in clothing form.

Next day:

Skirt, £25 + Jumper, £20

Last night...** you wore b****lack cigarette trousers and a silk cami**

Keep at work: Your favourite old band T-shirt

Styling: Switch cami for band t-shirt

**Going out: **

Troussers, £79 + Cami, £39

The Kate Moss of all party outfits – smart, simple, sexy – gets even more of her party spirit when worn the next day with a casual T-shirt. That your top half at least is clothes as though you were in bed at home should bring some peace.

**Next day: **

Troussers, £79 + Rock Tee, £25

**Last night... **you wore a shoulder-baring jumpsuit

Keep at work: a long-sleeved jersey top

**Styling: **layer with jersey

**Going out: **

Jumpsuit, £34.99

Even the fanciest jumpsuit can become surprisingly casual when layered with a simple jersey top. Sure, you could throw a hoodie over it but that's a dead hangover givaway – this high-low mix will look like it was totally intended by the kind of put-together person who looks properly human even in party season.

Next day:

Jumpsuit, £34.99 + Jumper, £12.90

Last night...** you wore** a slinky mini dress

Keep at work: an oversized checked shirt

Styling: shirt open over dress

Going out:

Dress, £125

A loosely buttoned shirt over a short, fitted dress is a bonafide style classic and you won't be happier about that fact then the day you need to wrap yourself up in cosy flannel.

**Next day: **

Dress, £125 + Shirt, £25

Last night...** you wore** a fancy shorts suit

Keep at work: a sweatshirt and opaque tights

Styling: swap jacket for sweatshirt and add tights

**Going out: **

Suit, £60){href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} + Top, £20

A fancy shorts suit, either sparkly or in bright coloured silk, is the thinking girl's party outfit of choice this year – esp if she got her hands on the tangerine taffeta Marques Almeida for Topshop one. Nobody needs to deal with high fashion on a hangover though, but if you drop the jacket for a sweatshirt and stick some tights under your shorts you'll look suitably daytime in no time.

Next day:

Suit, £60){href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} + Hoody, £30 + Tights, £6

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