We Have The Very First Look At Reformation’s Bridal For Babes Collection

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In what is probably the best news you’ll hear all week, Reformation's sick bridal collection is going on sale later today and we have the very first look at the collection.

‘Friends don’t make friends wear ugly dresses’, say the girls at Reformation aka Ref Babes, to which we respond: ‘Well you would think!' Tell that to all those ‘friends’ who dragged us around hideous bridal shops three Saturdays in a row. Of course, if your friends happen to adore all things Ref as much as you do, then you are now in for the most fun bridal shopping trip of your life.

The wedding collection was created ‘so that girls could wear the dress again and to all different occasions’, and that includes the bride, yo.


It’s a very Reformation collection, long, floaty dresses, backless sexiness, spaghetti straps, and plenty of opportunity for side-boob in familiar Ref silhouettes, made using their best fabrics.


They’re calling it 'Bridal for Babes’. Duh, of course it is. Ivory silk wedding dresses will be priced from $518 to $588 and bridesmaids dresses will cost $198 to $368. So, basically not only is it amazing, it's amazingly cheap too. We feel like sending them a thank-you note.


The collection goes on sale later today (26 March) at TheReformation.com. The site is currently having a little facelift so check it around lunchtime for Bridal for Babes.


Photos: Olivia Malone

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