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As I mentioned in my last piece, I’m starting a new job this year and collating a whole new ‘adult woman’ look to coincide with my new adulting role. This is a first for me - in the same way my summer wardrobe is essentially indistinguishable from my winter one (I just wear what I wore July but with tights when it hits November), my ‘workwear’ is usually just normal clothes with a blazer on top. But that ends here - I’m ready to make the transition into A Serious Person™ and do it in some seriously cool clothing.

So, what to wear? Having heard workwear specialists Finery deliver the goods, I was keen to see if this is true


Debrief Changing Room Selfies Finery

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1. Rose Gold

Finery, Miles Ivory Ripple Stitch Knit, £69; Finery, Baltic Double Layered Pleated Skirt, £89This skirt was really nice - even nicer when the elusive pleat pattern stopped confusing me and I realised I had it on back to front. Once fixed, I was sold (and so was the skirt - I literally went onto the site and added it to my bag immediately). Love the skirt's shade, especially matched with these boots which bring a bit of autumnal colour to a bleak January.

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2. In The Navy

Finery, Bracy Curve And Twirl Drop Earrings, £39; Finery, Eastbrook Ivory Ruch Detail Polo Neck Knit, £69; Finery, Ackland Black Skinny Trousers, £79; Finery, Cudworth Black Patent Leather Mule, £99I adored this polo (as you can tell, as I wheel it out a couple more times during this piece) - nicely fitted with a cute adornment on the side making it a little bit more fancy. The trousers were smart but also without being too formal. The shoes however were definitely a bit more style over substance - not ideal for running after trains in!

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3. Ship Shape

Finery, Fairbridge Monochrome Breton Stripe Knit, £69; Finery, Nedora Navy Cropped Leather Trousers, £349A comfy polo and chunky ankle boots combo - couldn't be more up my street. But don't let my wide smile fool you - my thighs were chafing so much in those spray on trousers that I'm surprised they didn't catch fire. If you have thighs and don't like sounding as though you're squeezing several tiny whoopie cushions between them as you walk, then I'd suggest sizing up substantially.

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4. Polo Club

Finery, Eastbrook Ivory Ruch Detail Polo Neck Knit , £69; Finery, Kinross Midnight Blue Wide Leg Culottes, £79Brought out the ol' trusty white polo and paired with a cute pair of culottes that kind of look like a skirt. Love the navy-on-navy with these boots that are simultaneously pretty and comfortable!

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5. Maxed Out

Finery, Eastbrook Ivory Ruch Detail Polo Neck Knit, £69; Finery, Hobman Multicolour Charcoal Flora Print Skirt, £89Why fix something that isn't broke? Since the last outfit was a success, this is a more playful take on the last ensemble - the same thing but with an actual navy skirt this time, with my favourite white jumper. As you can see, I was very happy - they're not called 'Finery' for nothing!

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6. Blue Moon

Finery, Marble Blue And White Striped Mohair Jumper, £99; Finery, Oliver Black Peg Trousers, £89Call me fickle, but I've found the jumper of my dreams - cosy without being frumpy and oversized without drowning me out. Matched with my beloved trousers from earlier, this is smart without being too straight-laced, thanks to stripes and a pop of pink from the shoes. This is the smile of someone who has found a brand new brand to throw their coins at.

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