Feed Your Faux Fur Addiction With Lazy Oaf’s Fluffy Tailed Clutch Bag

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by Pandora Sykes |
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You don't need to be a mind-reader to know that faux fur is having a huge moment. Animal-friendly kitsch outerwear is the No 1 thing to have on your back when the cold hits. But what about during the summer? When it's not that cold and having a faux fur coat on your back would be utter madness.

Don't despair, you can still have some zingy fluffiness on your person. Just look to Lazy Oaf's clutch bag complete with tail. Tails have been a 'thing' (particularly at fashion weeks) for a while now, but this multi-coloured neon one really dings our dong. Perhaps it's the price. Or the neutral palette of quilted silver against the fuzzy brights? It's like Fendi but for ASOS price. Geddit.


Fox Tail Clutch Bag, £45, Lazy Oaf

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