FBF To The Cartoon Characters That Dressed Better Than You Ever Will

Debbie from Wild Thornberrys, Susie from Rugrats... It's a wonder you didn't turn out more stylish that you are.

FBF To The Cartoon Characters That Dressed Better Than You Ever Will

by Jess Commons |
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It wasn't just your Alex Macks and your Tracey Beakers that set you up for life as an excellent purveyor of fashion, your favourite cartoon characters did too.

Jane from Daria


Jane Lane was The Business. Part early-90s Seattle grunger, part tech-chic from one of those 90s hacker movies where they called the internet the 'net'. From the bovver boots to the angular bob, to the hoops up and down each ear, she's all we should ever aspire to be.

Helga from Hey Arnold

Helga knew eyebrows were big business far before Cara Delevigne hopped in the Brooke Shields time warp and brought them back to the masses. Cute roll neck too.

Spinelli from Recess

Choosing Spinelli, real name 'Ashley' (meh) as a favourite character from Recess was how you knew a person was A-OK back in the day. That beanie too; part East 17, part Dappy, full time The One.

DW from Arthur

DW was rocking the bob before Sienna Miller cut all her hair off and changed the way we think about long hair.

Patti Mayonaise from Doug

Fun fact of the day: Patti was voiced by Yoga Jones from Orange Is The New Black. Secondly, does anyone know where we can get Patti's jumper?

Susie Carmichael from Rugrats

Leggings under skirts might not be A Thing any more but Susie managed to do it even before you did in the early noughties.

Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

How Debbie managed to retain peak style while in the middle of the Amazonian jungle, in the days before internet shopping, is beyond us. Fun fact of the day two: Eliza Thornberry was voiced by Gretchen Wieners.

Gadget Hackwrench from Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers

Part utiliarian chic, part World War Two land army, Gadget nailed the boilersuit.

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