Fashion Website Makes Horrible Faux Pas With This Sizeist Tights Advert have found themselves in a tight spot after sizeist advertising for their plus-size hosiery caused a social media riot.

Fashion Website Makes Horrible Faux Pas With This Sizeist Tights Advert

by Ebere Nweze |
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You may have hoped that size discrimination in the fashion retail industry was on the way out. This cringeworthy marketing campaign from proves however that some companies just don't get it.

The website has been heavily criticised for its decision to use slim models to advertise plus size styles, and the poses of the models - which seem to say 'Look at me! I'm standing in just one leg of a whole pair of tights! Aren't they HUGE? So they'll fit you just fine, won't they?.'

Incidentally, the online retailer which sells a multitude of products from clothes to kitchen gadgets. It was started in 2011 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, and is reported to be worth around $3 billion.

The thinking behind the adverts is just plain strange. Instead of demonstrating how roomy and comfortable the tights were by having a glamorous plus size model show them off, Wish used slender models to advertise their 'Plus Size Ultra Elastic Tights Stockings Women Sexy Shaping Pantyhose Socks'. Models were pictured standing with their entire bodies in a single leg of the pair of tights, while one of the models almost pulled the tights over her head.

Their blunder raises the question(s): couldn't they find an appropriately-sized model to wear the tights? Why choose thinner models when a curvier one can show the customer how it would look really on her? And why is a retailer that sells tights for £2 trying to be 'artistic' and 'edgy'? The assumption that people regardless of size only want to see models with a daintier frame suggests that there are still some individuals (or companies) who haven't fully grasped the purpose of the body positivity movement.

Social media was quick to point out the problems with the campaign:

This is not the first time the company has disappointed buyers. Popular vlogger Patricia Bright 's scathing review of their products has over 5 million views online.

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