Six Very Good Reasons You Should Be Instastalking Nylon Editor Preetma Singh

We're just a tiny bit obsessed with her bright green hair...


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For most of us, if we leave the salon with green hair, something has gone seriously, seriously wrong. But Preetma Singh caught our attention for the fact that she has emerald green tresses on purpose, and makes them look stylish. Plus, she's the fashion market director at Nylon magazine, AND she can play the drums.

We're already instastalking Preetma on a regular basis, and here’s why you should be too.

Those Incredible Hulk Locks

This pic of Preetma in the salon chair admiring her freshly spinached lob makes us happy. Truly happy. Not one to blend in, Preetma has gone for a look that not many of us could pull off, but with her huge brown eyes she manages to look like a mermaid IRL. It’s nice to see a salon pic that isn’t a browny/blonde tousled mid length whatever we’re calling it now.


She Does CRS, Sort Of

Ok, so it isn’t a changing room, it’s a hotel room, but we love that Preetma takes in the mirror pics that don’t feel twee. And we have no idea how she managed to tie in her outfit so well with the star cushion on the bed. But kudos.


She Has Banging Shoes

Check out these glittery slippers that actually WINK. They’re my dream shoes. It’s not unusual to see Preetma post pics of metallic brogues with bows upon bows on the toes, or a pair of bright green crocodile wellies that remind us of being four. She manages to make novelty footwear look seriously stylish, which is no mean feat.


She Posts Daft Photos Of Her Dog

Like this one where he is wearing a dressing gown. Gotta love a small dog in clothes pic.


Some Days She Hides In A Massive Jumper, Like We Do

This pic gives us hope that Preetma might be a woman of the people, rather than a far away distant Insta dream that we will never have a chance in hell of emulating. Ok so it looks like she might be wearing quite an expensive jumper, but that’s not the point. We can totally nail this look. Every Saturday. And Sunday. Before taking some painkillers and crawling back to bed.


Her Super Power Is To Match Her Environment

This pic should convey just how awesome Preetma is at chameleoning. Check out the monochrome and emerald city green going on in the background and in Preetma’s outfit. We like to think this is spontaneous. Pretty cool, huh?


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