The Fashion Industry’s All About Sucking Up – Says Iggy Azalea

Because for a rapper, it can be hard to get the good stuff


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She's yet to release a debut album (_The New Classi_c is released on the 22nd April) but Iggy Azalea, regular entry on the glossies' Top 10 style lists, is already well trained in fashion's schmoozy ways. 'I know how to play the game and get what I want' the 23-year-old Australian rapper said coolly during an interview with The New York Times.

'Do you think that what I wore to the Chloé [AW14] show would really be something that I would wear?' she says of her ladylike culottes and blouse front row get-up. 'I picked the outfit out myself, because I know how to pander. I know what Chloé looks like, and I want to appease Chloé, because I would like some Chloé, I'm going to do my best to be Chloé.'

She's certainly taken the opportunity to namedrop the Gallic fashion house, but we're not* entirely* sure Iggy got the memo RE: keeping schtum about your own obsequiousness (it's a little bit like going into a bakery and saying out loud: 'mmmmm I love your cake, I will eat your cake... give me free cake?') Buy, you've got to admire her honesty and tenacity, nonetheless. 'If the designers can't see me in a certain light, that fashion light, I will never get those clothes' she says of her approach to 'pander' and 'appease' designers in return for clobber.

It's a seemingly difficult task, getting designers to support a rapper's red carpet dressing, Iggy aned Rita Ora's stylist Jason Rembert says, (equally) candidly. 'We ran into so many roadblocks in the beginning: no one wanted to dress her.' It's starting to work now, though - hence the plump spot at Chloé. 'Sometimes it's about going simpler and showing the natural beauty versus covering up with chains and all that extra stuff' Iggy concedes. At least she can count on her boyfriend to help her stay fashion focused. 'He'd be like, "I really like the flower print on these seats. They look a lot like the Givenchy print that just came out for the ready-to-wear"' she says of her Kanye-sounding boyfriend, Nike Young - an LA Laker basketball player. Play on, Iggy, play on.

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