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Fendi Is Rethinking The F-Word

© Fendi

Clearly, when you say the ‘F-word’ people’s minds calculate an obscene acronym. But, there’s nothing remotely untoward about Fendi’s latest move.

It turns out, 'F is For…’ the Italian house’s latest millennial outreach program. No, it’s not a list of where to find the best avo on toast in Milan! Spearheaded by the label’s worldwide communication director of 12 years Cristiana Monfardini, it’s a digital platform that celebrates the generation’s zest for creativity and discovery.

In keeping with the current conversation on gender, the brand is celebrating the launch of this new engaged chapter with an inaugural unisex t-shirt. They’ve also handed over their Rome HQ’s rooftop to a group of graffiti and street artists. On top of this, they’ve planned a packed calendar of events and performances globally.

On the online world this newly inducted space offers visitors five sections: ‘freaks’, where visitors can explore the concept; a travel guide called ’freedom’, a cultural digest called ‘fearless, ‘fulgore’, which is filled with fashion editorials, and ‘faces’, which introduces the brand’s latest crew of ambassadors.

The result? A multi-dimensional vision of what Fendi can mean to a generation that’s grown-up online.