Experts Tell Us How To Maximize The Sales

Don’t be taken for a mug, follow this expert advice before you hit the shops

Experts Tell Us How To Maximize The Sales

by Lucy Morris |
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Is the thought of the Boxing Day sales exciting you? You’re not the only one. Though we’ve barely gotten over our Christmas hangover, there’s no time for dawdling as there are discounts to take advantage of.

‘I think sales are really tricky’ editor and influencer Katherine Ormerod confides, ‘If you know you have a problem with impulse control it’s best to keep a wide berth. But if you can be strategic you really can elevate your wardrobe beyond your budget.’

To make the most of the markdowns Katherine likes to start by looking at what she’s already wearing. ‘I try and look for upgrades of pieces that I already own - so if I’ve worn a Uniqlo wool crew neck to death, I’ll look for a designer version in the sale.’ But she’s strict with herself when it comes to the upgrades. ‘[I] always keep in mind the final price - I don’t drop £200 willy-nilly, so just because it used to be £800 doesn’t really matter. Think about what it will go with in your wardrobe'. She recommends testing yourself by creating there outfits spanning day to night at a minimum in which the piece will seamlessly slip in before heading to the tills.

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Director of Retail and Buying at trend-spotting agency WGSN Sara Maggioni has three-pointers for attacking the sales. Firstly if ‘you have your eyes on something that you really want and you know that it most probably going to sell fast but for some reason hasn’t sold at full price go on the first day of the sales because it’s going to go.’ Sara reasons that if you like the item then most likely it’s been pictured on social media or photographed in editorials, which means it’s what’s called a ‘press piece’, something that is bought in relatively small volumes. This may be as it’s more expensive and the brand needs to swallow the cost of this comparatively pricey piece by selling more low-cost items to accommodate it.

‘However, if it’s something a little directional that has been in store for a while, then you can probably get it for a better price towards the end of the sales.’ Play the waiting game and watch that discount roll in.

When it comes to a classic item, like a designer handbag, you make be advised to skip the sales altogether. ‘For more timeless, core items, just buy it at full price at the beginning of the season to make the most of it’ Sara thinks. This is something Katherine firmly echoes, adding: ‘I generally steer clear of handbags in the sales - the good ones never make it in and actually your favourite style in lilac isn’t exactly practical, so don’t get tempted just because it’s dipped below the £500 mark. £500 for a lilac bag is not a bargain. It’s a serious extravagance.’

So there you’ve got it: buy what you already know you like, don’t overspend on impulse and skip the timeless items altogether.

Here’s an illustrated guide of next seasons trends to look out for while shopping the sales...

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