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With a pop-up shop and new site, new womenswear label Fineryhas got the whole of fashion world very excited. We spoke to Design Director Emma Farrow who gave us the lowdown on everything we need to know about your new favourite brand.


They have some retail heavyweights on the team

It’s like a Girlboss party! Design Director Emma Farrow and Head of Buying Rachel Morgan held top positions at Topshop and ASOS respectively. Brand Director Caren Downie bags the gong having worked at both brands.

It’s big on fashion without the piss-take prices

The designs are highbrow – the kind of clothes you want to wear to pretend you’re someone who has their life in order – but the prices are reassuringly accessible. Emma says: 'At Finery we want to make clothes that are made with love and care and that are beautifully designed at real-life prices. We believe there is a gap in the market for women who aspire to the mid market and luxury brands but are looking for more accessible prices.'

It’s a one stop ‘looking like a grown-up’ shop

With chunky-but-elegant shoes, serious print shift dresses and ‘I’m a cultured person’ trousers 'Finery is the accessible, thinking woman's fashion label.' Also their bags are totaly up our street.

They’re saying F* Off to trends and going with their gut**

'Working in fast fashion these days there is so much information and inspiration available to anyone and everyone at the click of a mouse. It is very easy to spot the key trend influencers on the high street each season - we feel that fashion is a very emotional thing and that somewhere along the line 'fashion just for fashion’s sake' has been lost. At Finery we just want to make beautiful clothes that evoke the 'see it love it buy it' feel for every item in our collections.'

They raided their own (stylish wardrobes) for inspo

'When we first started the concept for the first collection we started with the most treasured pieces in our wardrobes, clothes that we'd all had and loved for years and years. For me I started with my unusually large collection of vintage dresses ranging from early Victorian to more occasion-feel 30s/40s dresses. I am a real dress girl and love how versatile they can be depending on my mood.'

Gutsy babes like Lea Seydoux and Michelle Williams are namechecked as inspiration

'The kind of women who inspire us are admired for their talent, achievements and intelligence not just for their looks or celebrity - Lea Seydoux, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan & Marion Cotillard. are a few of my favourites.'

They’re not about churning out clothing

'We are bringing the process and culture of a design house to a high street price point. Every aspect of a garment is carefully considered from the choice of fabric and trims, in house designed prints but just as important to us is to look at things are finished on the inside too.'

You can bet the team have impressive bookshelves and read ALL the weekend supplements

'When we were designing our first collection the Matisse exhibition was on at The Tate Modern which had a huge influence on us in terms of print and colour inspiration. This made me think that print could be a great point of difference for Finery in the market and so we began commissioning illustrators and artists to design bespoke prints for us.'

Here's a few of our favourite pieces:

skirt, cami-slip, lace-up spat, resin stone ring, high-neck-jumper

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