I’m Team Camille In Emily In Paris Season Two – Because She Has The Best Wardrobe

How do Parisian women always get it so right?

Emily in Paris Camille

by Laura Antonia Jordan |

Just as you would not tune into Succession for an exploration of functional family dynamics, nor And Just Like That for its gritty portrayal of the economic travails of post-lockdown life, one would not be advised to switch on Emily in Paris – the second season of which has just dropped on Netflix – for realism. But that’s more than ok; we don’t want any of those things from any of those shows.

Still, of all the ridiculous plot points, one sticks out like an American in Paris: in what universe would ‘Hot Chef’ Gabriel – who is contractually obliged to mention ‘Normandy’ in each scene, a clunky indicator of how down to earth he is – be attracted to both Emily and Camille (although, maybe he’s got a thing for great brows, of which both are the proud owners)? The two women are opposites: one a schlocky American goofball hashtagging her way around France, the other a sublimely cool Parisian woman who one suspects would never resort to an ‘ashtag for attention. An Instagram story, sure, but French women are only human, you know.

Emily in Paris sylvie Emily camille
Camille wears Balmain ©Emily in Paris

No spoilers here about the outcome of this ménage à trois (however, if you’ve so much as glanced at the internet in the past few weeks, you will already know that Emily has a New Love Interest). But, we can reveal, it is a slamdunk victory for Camille in this transatlantic wardrobe war.

Season two sees Camille’s wardrobe amped up with a new swish of power. Think French girl chic (a mostly muted palette, exemplary tailoring) served with a side of girl boss. If season one Camille was all denim, pretty blouses and basket bags, the nouveau Cami does leather, daring cut outs and animal print. You get the gist from her opening look: a super-shouldered, striped Balmain jacket with nautical gold buttons.

Emily in Paris Camille coperni
Camille wears Coperni ©Emily in Paris

On her roster, unsurprisingly, are the French fashion power players such as Balmain, Saint Laurent, Celine and Alexandre Vauthier. But there is also room for some of the most exciting, cool girl brands breaking out of Paris right now like Coperni (the asymmetric skirt suit worn for Emily’s birthday dinner), Patou (the heritage house revived by Carven alumni Guillaume Henry, and the designer behind the ultra wide-legged pants she wears in the season opener) and Marcia (the cut-out little black dress which demands the wearer goes sans knickers that she takes for a spin in Saint Tropez). Speaking of LBDs, Camille proves that classic doesn’t mean boring, see also the plunging ooh-la-la Saint Laurent mini dress from episode one (the same style Hailey Bieber wore to celebrate new year 2021) and the leather Isabel Marant wrap-dress that accompanies her to a hammam spa.

This being a Darren Star world, the fashion in Emily in Paris – which are the work of costume designer Marilyn Fitoussi and costume consultant Patricia Field – is as gloriously cartoonish and camp as the storylines. Camille’s wardrobe serves as an intimidatingly stylish foil to Emily’s noisy prints and colours, which are as pared-back as a toddler who’s had too many E numbers. Like the best costumes in TV, film and on stage - or, for that matter, even the clothes we each choose to put on every day, Camille's outfits say something without her having to say anything. The message? You messed with the wrong woman, Emily. And: look what you’re missing, Gabriel.

Emily in Paris Camille Marcia
Camille in a Marcia LBD ©Emily in Paris

The big error when we think of the mythological French woman style is that it is subdued and serious, but in reality there is room for the sexy, spirited and playful too (see another Cami - Camille Charrière for a masterclass in this balancing act). This is where Emily in Paris is bang on. Camille’s wardrobe has splashes of frivolity, be it a pair of zebra print boots, a Valentino blazer worn as a dress or some spangled Roger Vivier loafers. To have fun with fashion is indicative of an innate confidence, to toy with kitsch revealing of an instinctive style nous. It’s just a shame poor Cami’s taste in clothes doesn’t extend to her taste in friends.


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