How To Buy Emilia Wickstead For Up To 70% Less Than Usual

It's a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, and now it can be a favourite of yours

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Some things are sent to try us. The Outnet's sales may be one of those things. Not because they're not enjoyable – on the contrary, wardrobes everywhere would be significantly less snazzy if it weren't for the deliciously discounted designer wares (who said alliteration was over?) purveyed by Net-a-Porter's little sister. Or cousin, maybe.

I digress. The trying element only comes when a really, truly spectacular sale lands on site and then the entire world seemingly descends on it before you can so much as type The Outnet into Google. Short of planning your life around an online designer sale (could we? Should we?), it might be useful to know that as of today, The Outnet will have a brand new influx of Emilia Wickstead, with pieces starting at £240.

kate middleton emilia wickstead
The Duchess of Cambridge has worn several designs by Emilia Wickstead

If you think you're not an expert in the work of Wickstead, I'm here to tell you not to be so self-deprecating. You have absolutely seen at least some of her creations, for the British press has scrutinised several which appeared on the Duchess of Cambridge. Making the sort of midi dresses that inspire gasps of delight (no? Just me?) and elegant, classic cuts which are made to flatter, Wickstead has become an extremely popular choice for the red carpet, generally. With prices usually in excess of £1,000, it has heretofore seemed unlikely that said dresses would make up the majority of our every day wardrobe. Thanks to The Outnet, however, we will be daytime duchesses before you know it. And that's an official title.

So, if you've been desperately seeking a dress for your friend's wedding later this year, or if you're just in the market for something fancy to cheer up a nondescript week, this sale's what you need.

SHOP: The New Emilia Wickstead Collection On The Outnet


SHOP: Emilia Wickstead On The Outnet

Cleopatra Jumpsuit, £5201 of 11

Cleopatra Jumpsuit, £520

Ana Green Blouse, £2402 of 11

Ana Green Blouse, £240

Arabella Dark Blue Trousers, £2953 of 11

Arabella Dark Blue Trousers, £295

Dana Floral Top, £2754 of 11

Dana Floral Top, £275

Hera Printed Midi Dress, £7155 of 11

Hera Printed Midi Dress, £715

Jamilla Pink Sleeveless Dress, £4206 of 11

Jamilla Pink Sleeveless Dress, £420

Emilius Floral Dress, £4107 of 11

Emilius Floral Dress, £410

Jay Blue Top, £3008 of 11

Jay Blue Top, £300

Mercia Printed Skirt, £6109 of 11

Mercia Printed Skirt, £610

Linda Pencil Skirt, £30010 of 11

Linda Pencil Skirt, £300

Rita Printed Top, £24511 of 11

Rita Printed Top, £245

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