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As fashion month comes to a close, who better to guide us through Paris Fashion Week than French aficionado Ella Catliff of La Petite Anglaise? The stylish super-blogger has teamed shared her Paris style essentials, all available on

We caught up with Ella to discuss her must-have pieces for spring, the secrets to that perfect Instagram post, and the easiest way to rock a statement print.

What’s the inside of your wardrobe really like?

Now that’s a loaded question! Largely because my “wardrobe” is currently spread across my entire apartment which doesn’t exactly make me great to cohabit with sometimes. Literally, I’m writing this in my sitting room looking at piles of clothes everywhere, a mountain of handbags on the floor, shoes lined up along the walls… Admittedly we are in the mist of fashion month so a little carnage is to be expected. I try to keep things as organised as possible for the most part and swap my clothes seasonally between my parents’ house and my flat. That said, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of clothes of my own as well as a lot of samples for shoots or events constantly coming and going which, coupled with the amount I travel isn’t exactly a recipe for a tidy or concise wardrobe.

What is on the top of your shopping list for Spring?

So. Many. Things!!! Topping the list would have to Oscar Tiye heeled sandals, a Chloe Drew bag and REDValentino’s gorgeous Rainbow print, peter-pan collar frock.

How did you get into blogging?

Kind of by chance. After leaving school I decided to turn down my university place to study History & Spanish, take a year out to gain experience in the fashion industry and apply for Central Saint Martins. I managed to wangle an internship in Paris and, just before I left, my mum happened to read an article about the first fashion bloggers. I decided to give it a whack and am so very, very glad I did!

What’s the best thing about being a fashion blogger?

So many different things! Getting to wake up every morning and work for myself doing something I truly love is an enormous privilege. I massively enjoy being able to create things I’m proud of, be that a written opinion piece, outfit or editorial post. The opportunities to travel, attend the shows, wear amazing clothes as well as to meet and work with inspiring people in my industry are also things I’m incredibly grateful for.

What was your favourite catwalk moment of all time?

Valentino Mirabilia Romae; their Haute Couture show in Rome last summer. Chanel shows are always spectacular too.

Do you think that social media is changing the face of fashion?

Social media, alongside e-commerce, online platforms and publications, has altered the way fashion is communicated and consumed immeasurably. Just look at the explosion of fashion blogging or, more recently, brands such as Burberry, Tom Ford and Rebecca Minkoff’s decision to adopt a runway to retail model as opposed to the traditional fashion calendar which sees brands show their collections 4 months before they will begin to appear in stores.

Is there anything that you would never blog about?

Never say never but I try to limit the degree to which I share super personal things on La Petite Anglaise. I also have a strict policy of only featuring or working with brands I genuinely like the aesthetic of and/or find interesting and feel are compatible with the ethos of the site and my own personal style.

What are the main differences between the way Parisians and Londoners dress – and which style do you prefer?

Ha! Londoners are much more open in terms of embracing bold colours, clashing prints, glitter, novelty accessories and frankly whatever floats your boat. It’s a cliché I know but Parisians really do, on the whole, tend towards much more understated, pared back pieces. I have been literally stared at in horror while wearing a purple leopard print sequinned dress on the Metro.

What’s the perfect OOTD backdrop?

Personally, I’m a fan of outdoor backdrops. West London (where I live) is always great for that as there are plenty of lovely, light coloured houses and pretty streets.

Who are your style icons?

So many! Alexa Chung (obvious but true), Alicia Vikander, Caroline Issa, Caroline Zreeland, Leandra Medine, Olivia Palermo and Kate Foley all dress beautifully and individually.

What’s your favourite film for fashion inspiration?

Belle Du Jour.

What inspired your blog name?

The fact that I started it when going to Paris to intern. I was, quite literally, “the little English girl”.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Very tough question. I’m use all the different heart emojis a lot (#basicbitch alert), the purple grinning devil face is a fave and, obviously, the popping champagne. Also keen in the dollar bill with wings, don’t ask me why.

How do you take such beautiful Instagrams – do you take them on your phone? Use any editing apps?

Firstly, thank you. Most are taken on my iPhone and edited in Instagram. Some are taken by my photographer, usually if they’re in conjunction with a project or blog post… These ones tend to be infinitely better than the ones I snap.

Who’s the most inspirational person in the fashion industry right now?

I think it’s impossible to name a “most” inspirational person in the industry today. There are so many men and, gratifyingly, women really innovating, changing the game and making brands and consumers alike approach fashion in new ways. It’s a very exciting and slightly unpredictable time.

From your Instagram, we see that you love a clashing statement print. Do you have any styling tips for those of us who aren’t as brave?

Firstly, never force yourself to wear something you don’t feel comfortable in. It will always look awkward. But if you’re trying to ease into pattern clashing, perhaps pair a statement print with neutrals and then add the contrasting print in via a contrast collar or pop socks.

What do you wear when you’re off duty that would never be on your Instagram?

Pyjamas, grotty old gym gear, my boyfriend’s boxer shorts, my younger brother’s giant, threadbare hoodies, a variety of slippers that should have been binned a long time ago… Those bad boys aren’t going anywhere near the ‘gram but do, however, frequently star on my Snapchat.

If you had to live by three style rules, what would they be?

Brights morning ‘til night. Correct fit is key. It’s impossible to be overdressed.

What’s the one main thing you don’t think your followers know about you?

That I can do a mean rendition of Jay Z “99 Problems”… I mean, really great.

What has been your biggest pinch-me moment?

Dancing under the stars to Mika with the likes of Valentino Garavani himself while wearing a floor length gown after the brand’s haute couture show in Rome last summer.

Have you ever felt star struck at fashion week?

When I interviewed Maria Grazia Chiuru and Pierpaolo Piccoli after their show I was literally shaking.

Have you had any embarrassing fashion moments over the years that you haven’t wanted to share?

There was an unfortunate Avril Lavigne inspired phase I’d prefer not to re-live and let’s not even talk about my love affair with orange fake tan and satin body con… It was during the WAG glory days.

What’s your beauty regime?

Possibly not what it could be. I try to cleanse, tone and moisturise (usually with Sisley or Kiehls products) every night but there are always a fair few that just involve passing out in my makeup.

What are your favourite Paris hot spots?

You can’t beat La Belle Epoch or Hotel Costes for people watching over a glass (*bottle) of Sancerre and a rare steak during fashion week.

Any tips for first timers in the city?

Be prepared for waiters and shop assistants to be very rude to you. This especially applies if you’re visiting from America.

What are you go to beauty products?

YSL Beauty liquid eye liner, bareMinerals powder foundation, MAC lipsticks, Sisley Hydraglobal moisturiser and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter body lotion.

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

Caroline Vreeland, same for Snapchat. She is as hilarious as she is beautiful and stylish.


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