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straw bags

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If Instagram is anything to go by, there’s only one fabric that you want your accessories to be made from this summer: straw, or, more specifically, raffia. Round bags, bucket bags and floppy hats have all been fashioned out of the holiday-ready material this summer, with influencers including Camille Charriere, Lucy Williams, Reem Kanj and Liv Purvis all championing the straight-from-the-local-market-look.

straw bags

Instagram: @camillecharriere @lucywilliams02

But if you’re not jetting off to Marrakech or Bali anytime soon, where can you get your hands on the most covetable style of the summer? Enter our new discovery – interiors website Edit58. Set up by travel-obsessed homeware expert Lisa Mehydene, it stocks pieces that she’s collected on her global adventures, many with her own unique twist. As well as artisan rugs, cushions and wall hangings, there’s also a ‘baskets and hats’ section, which is a treasure trove of authentic weaved accessories, many of which you can personalise.

straw bags

Instagram: @edit.58

Whether you’re looking for a chic beach carry-all with your name (and some pom-poms) on, or the circular box bag worn by everyone on Instagram, there’s definitely a style for you. There are also customised hats – you know the ones, they say ‘holiday’ or ‘summer’, pretty much anything you want – that you’ve probably been seeing cropping up again and again on celeb holiday snaps.

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