Dungarees Tried And Tested By The Debrief Team

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The Debrief Team Tried On Dungarees So You Don't Have To

by Charlie Byrne |
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Chemmie, Editorial Assistant


Dungarees, £12.99, Daisystreet.co.uk

The online dream: When I was told that I had to step outside my comfort zone I decided to go all out and pick PINK TARTAN of all things. I couldn't have been further from what I feel comfortable in but they had a total Clueless/Clarissa vibe that I wanted to try and pull off. I was not feeling confident though...

The IRL experience: Firstly, I'd say size up – luckily I got these in two sizes and opted for the bigger one because there was no way that zip was moving. When I first saw them my face was something like this :| but I was actually really surprised. They fitted pretty well and weren't as unflattering as I had expected them to be. I rolled up the legs and wore it with a black polo and black Dr Martens and actually really loved the whole look. The only thing is, I probably wouldn't actually have the guts to wear these out and about IRL but if you love a bright print then these are great and a total bargain.

The debrief: 7/10

Anna, Creative Editor

Dungarees, £32.50, The White Pepper

The online dream: I saw these on The White Pepper and thought it was totally ‘utility chic’ (lol), also I was weirdly attracted to the ’scuba’ element. I wanted it to be structured yet well fitting, and the thick material looked like it would fall nicely.

The IRL experience: They arrived and I was genuinely surprised at how good quality they are, really thick and comfy material that is basically like one big cacoon sweatpant. The kind of thing that when you put them on you never want to take them off. Make a normal shirt into a DIY off-the-shoulder just by unbuttoning it and wear underneath. My ONLY qualm with it was it was a bit too big and boxy on the hips.

**The debrief: 9.5/10 **

Jazmin, Intern

Dungarees, £370, Frame Denim at Netaporter.com

The online dream: I am a huge dungarees fan, but I normally stick to shorts because it’s quite tricky to find a fit the works for longer legs AND a bum. I loved the shade of denim and the rips at the knees, but was very nervous about fitting in them without giving myself a wedgie.

The IRL experience: It was a pleasant surprise to find out well they fit, they were so comfortable and a really nice length but they were a little roomy around the hips. These would look great with almost any top underneath, so you’d get a lot of use out of them.

Jess, Culture Editor

Dungarees, £45, ASOS

**The online dream: **The model looked really cool. They were the first pair of dungarees I’d seen that I thought I might be able to pull off at my advanced age.

**The IRL experience: **I don’t think it helped that I bought the wrong size so basically while the trousers fitted, the top bit was a bit baggy which was probably something to do with my lack of bustal filling (is that a thing?). I do very much like the trousers part though. They’ll be really cool in the summer because they’re really loose and the colour and material means they can be for night and day. TRANSITIONAL DRESSING LADIES. IT’S A THING.

The debrief: 7/10

**The debrief: 8/10 **

Lena, Acting Deputy Editor

Dungarees, £365, 3X1 at Matchesfashion.com

The online dream: God they look sexy. And it's not everyday you can call dungarees hot. Yep they're pricey but they look entirely worth it. Plus they also have an optical illusion thing going on - so it's basically like investing in art. I can't wait to try them on…

The IRL experience: I pull on these beautiful dungarees with joy, buckling the straps with a smile. The fabric is thick but soft, structured but flattering. Perfection in a bibbed form… Thank you world for bringing these dungarees to my life (and sorry Natwest for now depleted my bank balance).

**The debrief: 11/10 **

Stevie, Staff Writer

Dungarees, £399, Citizens of Humanity at Mytheresa.com

The online dream: It's my dream to wear white dungarees because it's something I just don't think I'd ever be able to wear. I am most comfortable with black, and I never wear dungarees. The model looked great, but don't all models look great in everything?!

The IRL experience: I love these so much. So so much. They made me feel so confident because if I be happy in white dungarees, I could be happy in anything – only problem is that they're white, and I spill everything, so if I were to wear these all day, I'd have to only eat white food. Like milk. Which isn't ideal. But they fit so well, felt great and I didn't want to take them off.

The debrief: 9/10, because nothing can ever be a 10/10

Charlie, Fashion Editor

Dungarees, £65, Kuccia.com

**The online dream: **Basically, if anything has sequins and denim involved, then I'm there. These dungas looked like they would be really comfy, but not boring, like most blue denim versions. I mean who doesn't want sequinned bananas on their ass, frankly.

**The IRL experience: **They delivered the hit of summer quirk that I was looking for, and looked fun with my Rails pineapple print shirt. You can never have too much fruit print going on in one outfit, I say. They weren't quite as comfy as I was hoping for, they were a teensy bit tight around the middle (but then that's probably my middle) but I did want to go stomping around town in them in the sunshine.

The debrief: 8/10

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