5 New Ways To Wear Double Denim That Are Actually Genius AF

Refresh that Canadian tuxedo

5 New Ways To Wear Double-Denim That Are Actually Genius AF

by Lucy Morris |
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Everyone knows that the most stylish women never follow the fashion rulebook. They wear socks and sandals, clash red and pink and layer up accessories with absolute abandon. Rules are there to be broken, after all.

Sure, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake tried to give it a bad name, but the most iconic fashion rule to break - i.e. denim-on-denim - is the double dose of modernity we should all be embracing. While there’s nothing new about the so-called Canadian tuxedo, the way these five Instagram enthusiasts employ their indigo items is quite, quite genius.

1. Add-On

Rihanna’s accessory game is on point! From the matching blue eyeshadow to the earrings, the pendant necklace and the cocktail ring, she knows how to give denim-on-denim a jolt of excitement.

2. All Tied Up

Put those ripped jeans to use with an artfully knotted chambray shirt. That flash of skin at the knees and hips, plus that Western belt breaks up the monotony of this blue look.

3. Buttoned Up

Take the torture out of trying to find the perfect to break-up your two-shots of denim by following Camille Charriere’s lead and buttoning all the way up.

4. Break Out The Iron

In this day and age of athleisure wear, the humble iron is much maligned. However, Alexa Chung’s starched trousers with their clean cut and front pleat make quite the case for treating your denim like you would a pair of tailored trousers.

5. Tuck It In

Yes, it will feel very uncool, but trust us it will look the opposite. Follow your mother’s instructions and tuck-in that shirt, because it’s the only way to get that Calvin Klein look this season.

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