How To Wear Dorothy Perkins’ Spring Colours When All You Ever Wear Is Black

Desperately need to inject some Spring colour into our depressing winter wardrobes STAT

How To Wear Dorothy Perkins' Spring Colours When All You Ever Wear Is Black

by Polly Foreman |
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My aesthetic this season can be summed up as black, grey, more black, darker grey, a bit of red, black again, a splash of leopard print, and some more grey. And, given that this winter of rain, bitter coldness and constant illness has seemingly lasted about 45 years, I’ve frankly forgotten what Spring is and am not prepared for its imminence.

How does it feel to leave the house without four jumpers on? Will my bare legs survive in the sunlight? And will someone please remind me what a pastel colour looks like?Thankfully, Dorothy Perkins’ new-season collection has put a spring in our step (soz), and is here to save our wardrobes from descending into an irreversible murky despair.


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Post 7pm At The BBQ

Dorothy Perkins, Grey Basic Hoodie, £18; Dorothy Perkins, Black Spotted And Floral Print Mini Skirt, £25; Dorothy Perkins, Wide Fit Black Storm Mules, £15Springtime is odd because everyone wants to get their legs out but realistically it's still a bit cold. This look is one for the garden party your mate decided to throw because the sun came out for five minutes, only for you all realise it's very much still arctic when dusk sets in. It's perfect marriage of comfy meets pretty.

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We Can Finally Wear Florals Again!

Dorothy Perkins, Black Tall Floral Print Mini Skirt, £24; Dorothy Perkins, White Cotton T-Shirt, £5; Dorothy Perkins, Khaki Heavy Zip Collar Shacket, £38; Dorothy Perkins, Wide Fit Black Storm Mules, £15This outfit made me feel like skipping through a meadow amongst the daffodils and butterflies, while the sandals reminded me I really need to get a pedicure before spring settles in.

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Denim For Days

Dorothy Perkins, Mid Wash Pearl Button Tencel Shirt, £30; Dorothy Perkins, Tan Floral Embossed Belt, £5; Dorothy Perkins, Orange Storm Mules, £15; Dorothy Perkins, Mid Wash Straight Fit Jeans, £26I'm still very much stanning for double denim and believe strongly that Spring is the optimum time for it. This is because A) if you wear it during winter no-one will notice because your outfit will be buried under a pile of coats and B) summer's just too fucking hot.

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This Is The Most Amount Of Colour I’ve Worn Since September TBH

Dorothy Perkins, Blue Basic Hoody, £18; Dorothy Perkins, Petite Grey And Pink Rose Print Blouse, £26; Dorothy Perkins, Mid Wash Denim Mini Skirt, £25; Dorothy Perkins, Black Storm Mules, £15I don't think I've ever gone the whole of winter without wearing black on my top or bottom half (preferably both), so this outfit was a breath of fresh air. The hoody was super comfy, and, like outfit one, my legs can roam free without my whole body dying of cold. The high neck of the top also jazzed up the fairly basic hoody, which was a bonus.

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Kinda Look Like An Aunt At A Family Party But I’m Feeling It

Dorothy Perkins, Blossom Black Spot Ponte Shift Dress, £30; Dorothy Perkins, Wide Fit Black Storm Mules, £15When I first saw this dress I was getting real '80s secretary vibes, but having tried it on I've warmed to it. It's not often you'll find me in anything resembling a frilly dress, but if you can't wear one in Spring, when can you? Plus, this one's black. Which helps the transition.

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*Finally* Something To Keep Me Warm

Dorothy Perkins, Khaki zip collar shacket, £38; Dorothy Perkins, Tan Floral Embossed Belt, £5; Dorothy Perkins, Mid Wash Straight Fit Jeans, £26; Dorothy Perkins, Orange Storm Mules, £15Scampering about in floral skirts, bare legs and flimsy tops is all very well, but Spring in this country is, as mentioned above, chilly. This outfit's got me excited for packing away my puffer coat and embracing t-shirt and jacket season. I like how the belt gives a bit of shape to an otherwise fairly plain outfit. I'm also very obsessed with the sandals (although I still need that pedicure).

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