Donatella Confirms We’ve All Been Pronouncing Versace Wrong

Donatella Versace

by Elizabeth Bennett |
Published on

When is comes to designer brands it is easy to make the ultimate fashion faux pas and pronounce the name wrong. From Moschino to Miu Miu(pronounced Moss-key-no and Mew Mew respectively), getting it correct can be a total minefield.

One name we thought we had sorted was Versace. However, in a new video Donatella Versace dropped the bombshell that we’ve been saying her name completely wrong.

The info came to light when the brand’s designer took part in US Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’ series. Filmed at her home in Milan, the Italian creative was asked what word she was sick of English people getting wrong. Donatella revealed that it was Versace, and it's actually pronounced ‘Versach-ey,' not ‘Versach-ee.’

In the video we learnt a lot more about the Italian fashion designer. It seems she would love to learn Chinese, go for coffee with Michelle Obama and her favourite film is The Shape Of Water.

When it comes to what she is most excited about in life right now, for Donatella it’s May’s Met Gala where she is set to co-chair. And if she packed fashion in for an alternative career she would probably be having ‘a nervous breakdown.’

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