DIY Miu Miu-Inspired Heels For Under A Tenner

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DIY Miu Miu-Inspired Heels For Under A Tenner

by Jenny Brownlees |
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The Miu Miu fashion show + serious shoe lust is an equasion we find ourselves facing every season. The latest show was no exception, with a zig zag and embellished heel perched perfectly atop a snakeskin Mary Jane. We can guarantee you’ll be seeing these papped on the red carpet and front row next season, but who can wait that long?!

We’ve sorted it so you can DIY an inspired pair for under £9 (that’s less than some people’s Pret lunch, guys)

You’ll need:

Some hot heels to DIY


We love these ’70s suede courts){href='/wp-admin/(http:/' } from New Look

Embellished diamante mesh

Find this on eBay. (You’ll need to select 24 rows, but don’t worry we’ll show you what you can do with the leftovers later.) We chose the black and silver mesh, but if you love colour, there’s plenty to choose from here.){href='/wp-admin/(http:/ )' }

Two 15 x 15 sample squares of Blue Faux Leather Fabric

We went for this one, but you can pick any colour of your choice.

Two 15 x 15 sample squares of Silver Faux Leather Fabric

Strong fabric glue

We recommend Glu & Fix.


2 sheets of A4 plain paper

A pen

Measuring tape

How to:

      6.Now for the zig zag pattern at the top of the heel. We drew out our pattern by hand, copy ours if you’re not sure! We made it cover about 1/4th of the heel.

                And If you're wondering what to do with that leftover mesh, we say add a clasp to the back of a long strip, and DIY yourself a chic choker like this Topshop number.

                Now go take those heels out for a stroll...

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