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Only Prada can perfectly walk the fashion line between Eeek and Chic; for S/S 16 they showed black net neckwear, plastic look skirts and bold gold lipstick, things we never knew we needed until now.


Amongst the mix of stripes and sequins, it was the models jewellery that really caught our eye. The stand out earrings; circlular discs in clashing colours, embellished like Christmas baubles with an almost space age feel, were our ‘must have it’ piece.

We’ve dreamed up a DIY for an inspired pair, the best bit? You get to customise the colours and style…you can’t buy that in a shop people!

You’ll need

4 Acrylic Circles, in two colours of your choice- Contact seller Matthewfrom EXS Designs via eBay. Tell him you’ll need two 50mm circles with holes at the top, and two circles cut in half, he will help a Debrief-er out! (The prices start at £1.59 per circle, he will give you an exact quote.)

Two earring hooks, in silver(these has four in a pack) [




A length of chain , we chose a black antique colour, but you could also do silver or gold. [


2 Jump rings[


Strong glue

Stick on gems, again you can choose any colour

How to

  1. Your acrylic circles will come with a protective film on, peel this off to get started.

  2. To open the fastening of the metal jump rings, with pliers, hold the ring in one hand (it can be a bit fiddly!) And with the pliers, gently pull the metal until it’s separated.

  1. Slot this through the hole at the top of your whole circle. Once it’s through, use pliers to close the hole.

  2. Repeat this for the other jump ring and circle.

  1. Next, we will add a length of chain to the ring, this will hold the earring from lobe to the cricle.

  2. To work out how long you’d like the chain to be, hold up a length in the mirror, holding the circle at the end. You can make the chain as short or long as you’d like, we wanted our earrings to be long like Prada’s so we opted for a length of 14 loops.

  3. Once you’ve decided on the length, count out how many loops of chain you need, and using pliers to open the metal loops, removing unwanted length.

  4. You will need a second identical length of chain, so repeat the process above.

  5. Open the metal on your last loop of chain with your pliers, and thread it through the jump hoop on the circle, closing to secure. Do this for both circles until the chain in attached.

  6. Next, take your silver earring hooks, you will see they have a loop at the end, this is where we will attach the top of the chain. Again, on both pieces, open the top loop of the chain, thread through and close.

  1. Now, to attach the half circles. We have choosen this specific glue as you need so little, it is super strong, so you only need a toothpick amout. As the circles are partly see though, you wouldn’t want to see any glue seeping out!

  2. If you have a toothpick, that’d be the perfect tool to lightly dab small dots along the flat edge of the half circle, if not carefully use the glue’s nozzle.

  1. You will need to leave a gap at the top of the earring, where the hole and jump ring are, so placing the half circle just below and centre, hold down until it is firmly stuck. Do this for both earrings.

  2. Once the first half circle has had a chance to dry (it will only need about 5 minutes) match up the other half circle to the back, glueing in place to make the space age looking sphere.

  3. Once this has dried completely, it’s time to decorate! We chose stick on gems in white, black and silver, but you can customise to any colour you’d like!

  4. We scattered the gems, sticking them down randomly on each side of our blue circles. We love the way the colours reflect through the yellow and blue, giving a funky finish.

All done! Now we just need an occasion to take our new earrings out...

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