How To Dye Your Grotty Whites So They Look Brand New

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Don’t you just hate it when your favourite white t-shirt stops looking it’s best. The slight tinge of beige coupled with that permanent red wine stain on the hem you hope no one has ever noticed. This week on Debrief I am going to show you how you can transform your old white tee and give it a new lease of life.

You will need:

An old cotton t-shirt, Dylon Machine Dye in your chosen colour, Salt, A fabric print of your choice, Needle, Thread, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Iron, Pencil, Ruler, Embroidery Hoop (optional)


How To:

1.Start by getting your t-shirt ready to dye. Weigh your garment whilst dry and measure out your dye accordingly (check out the Dylon website to make sure you have the right amounts). Then wash your t-shirt to make sure it’s clean. Whilst damp pop into the drum with your weighed out dye and the right measure of salt (again the Dylon website can help with this!) Run a 40 degree wash and watch through the drum as your t-shirt transforms!

2.Once the cycle is over, add in your normal detergent and wash again on a 40 degree cycle. Once the cycle is over, remove the t-shirt and put the machine on another cycle to clean the washing machine. Now dry your t-shirt away from heat and direct sunlight.


3.Once your t-shirt is dry you need to give it a quick iron so it’s prepped for sewing!

4.Now it’s time to cut out your initial. On the back of your chosen printed fabric draw out a letter of your choice approx. 25cm in length.


5.Use your fabric scissors (or normal scissors will work fine) to cut out the letter shape.

6.Use your iron to press the letter you have just cut out.

7.Use your pins to tack your letter onto the front of your t-shirt, making sure you are only pinning through the first layer of the fabric.


8.Thread your needle with your thread and with a knot in the very end start doing a simple running stitch around the edge of the letter using an embroidery hoop if you have one. If you are an advanced sewer why not try doing a chain stitch around instead.

9.When you are finished sewing remove your pins and do one final press with the iron. Your transformed tee is good to go! Try experimenting with different letters of your favourite phrase.


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