DIY Your Christmas Jumper Into A New-Season Knit

Because you’re guaranteed to buy a new one next year anyway…

DIY Your Christmas Jumper Into A New-Season Knit

by Jenny Brownlees |
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We bet you’re dying to know what’s new in the world of sweater fashion, aren’t you? Well wait no more, next season it’s all going to be about chic colour blocking and patchwork pieces. Just take a look at the new season pieces from designers Roksanda Ilincic), Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander and Fendi) (to name but a few). We also spotted that the Prabal Gurung Pre Fall collection, that has literally just dropped, features a patchwork coloured knit….you can’t get much more on trend than that.

We decided to make the most of this trend to save our Christmas jumper from a life in a drawer after December. Every year we swear we won’t buy another, but then, oh wait, it has a Pug on it…bought! And our old jumper gathers dust.

Most jumpers have some sort of festive figure/motif/quote ‘Jingle my bell!’ (Stop it.) In the centre of the knit (that by the way you wouldn’t be seen dead in anything similar to the other 11 months of the year.) Step forward the patchwork knit to cover a multitude of festive jumper sins.

Obviously this isn’t foolproof if your jumper doesn’t have a motif in the middle, but is covered front, back and sides with Christmas puddings. If you still want rid, may we suggest a little DIY)to turn it into a pair (or a few pairs) of Christmas Socks, or festive hand warmers? A little gift from you to you for next season?

You’ll need

A Christmas jumpersto re-vamp. We used a Christmas Tree Jumper from Dorothy Perkins,

And a grey Penguin knit from Apricot at New Look)

You will need one extra jumper to cover the Christmas motifs, we used a Ski style jumper that had been collecting dust in our wardrobe, as well as a vintage cable knit.


We realise we’ve used four jumpers here, but that’s for maximum patchwork effect and because we suffer from seasonal boredom of our knitwear, hence DIYing them for the new season. But one Christmas and one non Christmas jumper would also do the trick using the same patchwork technique.

A sewing machine (hand sewing is possible but for a neat finish a machine is best)

Thread (we used a shimmery gold thread throughout)

Fabric Scissors

A large piece of paper for the jumper’s template (we suggest using a cheap roll of wrapping paper)

A pen

Sewing Pins

How to

                The leftovers

                But wait, we hear you ask, what do I do with my Christmas tree, Penguin and leftover knitted fabric?

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