DIY Your Boring Black Boots Into An Autumn/Winter Dream

Ground control to Major Tom… these boots are out of this world (sorry)

DIY Your Boring Black Boots Into An Autumn/Winter Dream

by Jenny Brownlees |
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With a blood red moon and the news that water has been found on Mars, space has been heavily featured in the news this week. But in the fashion world, the celestial trend has never been far from the mainstream, with all things starry standing the test of (space and) fashion time.

Who can forget Christopher Kane’s epic Resort show, with it’s epic inter-galactic wonders? (Use all the space puns!)

But it was Valentino’s Pre-Fall ’15 show that really got us dreaming of galaxy inspired prints once more.

We decided to update our old black ankle boots and DIY ourselves something worthy of street-style celebrity status.

You’ll need


A pair of black ankle boots, we love this pair from ASOS

[White Fabric paint

]([Silver Fabric Paint

]([Navy Fabric Paint

]([Gold and Silver Sharpie pens

]({href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} large bristled paint brush for the paint splattering, and a thin paintbrush for detailing (we used an old lip make-up brush, but you can buy paint brushes cheaply, here)

How to

Take your boots, and lay on a covered surface.

With Sellotape, cover the zips and heels of both boots, this will protect them from getting accidently painted!

Dip your large paint brush very lightly into the white fabric paint, you only want a tiny bit on the brush for this, to create very small pebble dashes, not splatters. Holding the brush about 20cm from your boots, quickly and repeatedly flick the paint brush over your index finger, so that tiny dots of paint appear on the boots. (Better to start lightly and build up than do a big accidental splodge!)

Rotate the boots until they have a nice covering of white paint, this gives a great base, giving the boots a look of starry-wonder! You can even focus more on one area to give a look of a cluster of stars.

Next, take a small amount of the silver fabric paint; this has a wonderful shimmer to it, dab a little of the paint in a circle, then spread it out with your index finger, rubbing it into the fabric of the boots. We did this in different, spaced out areas around the boot. Paired with the star splatter paint it builds up a great 3D looking surface.

We also used the fine brush to paint an abstract star with the silver paint, then rubbed over the shape with our finger, making the shape less defined.

Next, using both the gold and silver sharpie pens, we created ‘shooting star’s’ by drawing quick dashing lines in gold and silver, spaced out over the entire surface of the boots.

Using the navy fabric paint, we repeated the same process as with the silver, rubbing the paint sparingly all around the boots. The navy really sets off the metallic tones, and adds to the Milky Way look.

We also used the navy paint with the small detailed brush to draw small spiral shapes, emulating spiral galaxies.

To finish, we covered the boots in a random dazzle of abstract stars, using the silver and gold sharpies. Don’t worry too much about being perfectly neat at this stage. It’s nice to do a variety of star shapes, and to outline certain stars in either silver or gold to make them really stand out.

As the paint sinks into the boots a little, the colours won’t be 100% as vivid as before, so you may want to go over with the silver and navy once again, as to not loose that lovely shimmer and colour.

Once you’re happy with your design, peel off the Sellotape from the zip and heel to reveal you’re new, on trend, far-out space boots!

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