This 2000s Dior Instagram Account Is Proof Being Extra Isn’t Anything New

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This 2000s Dior Instagram Account Is Proof Being Extra Isn’t Anything New

by Lucy Morris |
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Once upon a time, the word ‘extra’ was a run of the mill modifying adverb, usually heard from a teacher warning of ‘extra homework’. But, then the internet came along and made it a put down, as slang for being over the top, excessive even. You could say, we're being extra by giving this definition. But, hang in there, we have a point. Though the phrase may be new, the act isn’t. Proof: Christian Dior in the 2000s.

Back when John Galliano helmed the label, Dior was the definition of extra. Each fashion show was outrageous and resplendent. Fur and feather would flow freely, and the beauty laughed in the face of the no make-up trend. The collections didn’t deal in wearability, and they didn’t seek to hook a hanger on current trends. It was pure, unadulterated fantasy. It was so extra.

Thanks to the Instagram account @diorinthe2000s, which is run by a teenage boy from Chile, Galliano’s designs are back under the spotlight. It’s the ultimate fanboy feed that posts throwback pictures daily from the label’s early Noughties runway shows. From manic pixie dream girls in saccharine tulle to wild ‘80s fantasia, the looks are worth a double take, and for that matter a double tap. We dare you not to fall down an Insta blackhole with this one!

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