Diane Von Furstenberg Releases Statement Following Controversial Bruce Jenner Instagram

DVF Releases Statement Following Controversial Bruce Jenner Instagram


by Emma Spedding |
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Diane Von Furstenberg did a social media no-no when she posted a picture on Instagram of Bruce Jenner photoshopped to be wearing one of her signature wrap dresses and a string of pearls. She added the strapline: "feel like a woman, wear a dress.”

The Instagram intended to show support for Bruce Jenner's transition, but was criticised as being insensitive and inappropriate. The image was immediately removed from her Instagram account.

Diane has released a statement following the incident, saying: “I admire Bruce Jenner’s strength, courage and honesty and have so much respect for him using his voice to speak for people who have none. I wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness.”

She didn't however comment on why she posted the picture or address what she meant by it.

DVF Instagram
DVF Instagram

Following Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer, where he said 'for all intents and purposes, I am a woman,' there has been an outpouring of support for the Olympic athlete on social media.

The most touching messages were those from his family. Kendall tweeted "so very proud of you, my hero" and then Instagrammed a picture from her school work where in answer to 'If I could be anybody in the world, I would be...' she wrote 'my Dad.' She worte alongside the image 'I wrote this in 5th grade... nothing has changed.'

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