The Debrief Debates: White Jeans, Tacky And Tasteless Or Hip, Hop And Happpening?

Liz Hurley called, she wants her trousers back.

The Debrief Debates: White Jeans, Tacky And Tasteless Or Hip, Hop And Happpening?

by Jess Commons |
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Are white jeans OK to wear in public in 2016? Two Debrief writers battle it out...

Against: Jess Commons, Deputy Editor


White jeans aren’t, and never will be a thing. I don’t give a monkeys that they’re now dead trendy because fashion things love coming back round in an ironic manner. There’s just no escaping the pair I wore to the year 11 disco with a red thong hanging out the top. The thong said ‘Horny Devil’. It’s was wildly inappropriate but nevertheless still aimed at 15 year olds. Nice work high street.

Anyways - I digress. It takes a very pulled together woman, one like Liz Hurley, to wear a pair of white jeans all day and not A) spill red wine down them (even if you’re not drinking red wine) and B) not look like you’ve just stepped off a fat Mediterranean man’s yacht in Cannes (admittedly Liz Hurley does look a bit like this). I don't live in Cannes, I live in a grimy, grubby and rather unglamourous city where white jeans are only going to cause trouble.

I for one, like my denim blue and or black, the way Mr. Levi Strauss himself, the Godfather of denim intended. No-one needs white jeans. No-one except Liz Hurley.

For: Vicky Spratt, Features Editor

I'll confess to you right now that I haven't always been a fan of white jeans. As a teen I wore a lot of black and I mean A LOT. We're talking black Slipknot hoodies paired with black flared cords which soaked up rain, grit and other people's chewing gum. Then indie happened. Johnny Borrell was my guy and he wore ripped white jeans with boxer boots, I was transformed. I bought thongs and vintage jackets to wear with my white jeans while I sang my heart out to Golden Touch. I genuinely thought I looked like Kate Moss. Obviously I didn't but, whatever, I felt like I did and when you're 14 that kind of swagger will get you very far (past the bouncers of clubs when you're clearly underage).

Circa 2005 The Klaxons sounded a death knell for Indie, New Rave was born. I stopped wearing white jeans and started listening to very moody minimal dance music. I wore a lot of black, again and was very preoccuiped with having a capsule wardrobe. The only people wearing colour were the New Ravers and white jeans became the preserve of the Jack Wills crew at uni, who wore them with their rugby shirts, teachery loafers and Mulberry Bayswaters. White jeans were dead to me and I wouldn't have been seen dead in a pair between 2008 and 2012.

Then, around 2013 white jeans came spectacularly back into my life. Not in a Liz Hurley way (although TBH I think we could all do a lot worse than emulating Liz. Let's all take a moment to remember her in Bedazzled), they made their comeback in a very YOLO way. Life's too short to wear black all the time, I decided. Life's too short to be chic. I started going out wearing all white ensembles with black trainers because...why the hell not.

When I'm wearing white jeans I notice lots of really great benefits. For instance my friends can find me easily when I'm dancing on my own in the corner of the club and it's time to go home because I'm basically luminous and, unlike, my black jeans, which I never ever wash, I know exactly how gross and disgusting my white denim is and clean it accordingly. Who cares if they're a bit trashy - life's also too short to worry about what other people think.

I like my red wine where I can see it...on my jeans.

NB. Do not buy expensive ones, you will ruin them. Dont buy thin or flimsy ones, everyone will be able to see your bum.

  1. Tripp NYC @ ASOS, £58

  2. H&M, £14.99

  3. Jigsaw, £89

  4. Free People, £68

  5. Zara, £26

  6. Boohoo, £15

  7. Missguided, £10

  8. Zara, £39.99

  9. Topshop, £42

  10. Pepe Jeans @ ASOS, £40.00

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