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Dawson's Creek

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Open up your morning light and say a little prayer for I, because we’re about to delve deep into the 90s and early 00s wardrobes of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen, aka the cast of Dawson’s Creek. We already know, thanks to our little trip down Friends red carpet lane, that it was an interesting time for celebrity wardrobes – but will it be yes or will it be sorry for James Van Der Beek and co?

Judge for yourself with these 13 throwback looks…


The Cast Of Dawsonu2019s Creek On Red Carpets In The 90s & 00s

Pacey Witter
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Attending the March 2000 premiere of The Skulls (nope, we don't remember it either), Joshua Jackson pulls off a leather coat better than any man we know – even Keanu Reeves.

Joey Potter
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Josh doesn't seem so fit when you realise he probably borrowed his jacket from co-star Katie Holmes, who wore it first to the premiere of Go in 1999, with much shinier hair.

James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams
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We're sure James Van Der Beek is a lovely boy, but those glassesu2026 Michelle Williams' twinset, however, is just the type of thing we would have worn to the National Association of Television Program Executives Convention in 1999. Shame our invite got lost in the post.

James Van Der Beek
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How else do you explain Van Der Beek's too-big trews on this WB press tour?

Michelle Williams
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Michelle Williams is an actress. Her Dawson's Creek character, Jen Lindley, was a student. Why she ever needed to rush to the 2000 GLAAD Media Awards in a grey business suit is beyond us.

Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek
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CREDIT: Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek

You guys, Dawson and Joey had a deal to go to the junior prom together if neither of them had a date, so here they are – though we think Joey kind of forgot her 'no corsage' rule with that very corsage-y bag. OK, so they're actually at the 1998 Primetime Emmy Awards, but that's totally irrelevant. At least Dawson's in a better fitting suit.

Michelle Williams
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YES, JEN LINDLEY! The 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards saw Michelle Williams looking more like her future, demure self. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the tattoo above her ankle is of three little birds.

Katie Holmes
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If we didn't know otherwise, we would guess this was the night Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise became a couple, because those leather trousers are so Mission Impossible.

Joshua Jackson
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CREDIT: Joshua Jackson

Was he still styling out his dodgy bleach job from filming Cruel Intentions? Probs not, as this picture was taken three years later at the Sundance Film Festival, but Joshua still looks pretty peachy to us.

Joshua Jackson
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Vans and a suit. Classic.

Joshua Jackson
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We can only assume it was chilly at the 2001 premiere of Ocean's Eleven. Josh certainly hadn't met the woman responsible for his style transformation, Diane Kruger, yet.

Michelle Williams
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Aka how much does Michelle Williams look like Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of Halloween H2O? Like, for reals.

Katie Holmes
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Fun fact number one: Katie Holmes attended the 2000 MTV Movie Awards with then-boyfriend Chris Klein. Remember when she was engaged to Chris Klein? Fun fact number two: She presented the award for Breakthrough Performance Female with rumoured now-boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, after Sarah Jessica Parker introduced them as "a real pair of foxes." Neither of these things have anything to do with her dress, other than the fact she wore it that night. Shimmery.

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