WATCH: David Gandy On His Favourite Pants And His Guide To Being A Gent

WATCH: What's David Gandy's Secret Underwear Problem?


by Josh Newis Smith |
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There are many words that can be used to describe David Gandy: underwear model, designer, all round demi-god, gentleman. The list is never ending. If you want to turn your gent into Gandy, then you're in luck - the man himself gives us some tips on being the ultimate gentleman. Rejoice!

If that wasn’t enough, Mr Marks & Spencer himself tells us what sets him apart as a celebrity designer and confesses that he suffers from an unknown struggle… VPL!

Joshington Post: What do you think a gentleman needs to wear?

David Gandy: I don’t think it really matters. You can be gent in a T-shirt, as long as your manners and the way you treat people. That’s a gentleman in my eyes. Also part of being a British gentleman is being in British tailored suits which are designed and cut by British tailors.

Soz not soz Zoolander this is what we call a blue steel!

JP: What is a David Gandy's go-to piece of underwear?

DG: The pair I wanted to design was the hipster, which is in between the brief and the trunk. And the trunk is still the most popular but the hipster is one I personally wear and it’s in between the two. Also there were other problems with menswear where we are all wearing tight clothing with tapered legs… and you don’t want this line.

JP: People don’t actually realise that men suffer from VPL…

DG: Exactly. VPL!

JP: Do you find it weird that people have probably seen you in a pair of pants before you've met them?

DG: I find it weird that they want to demonstrate them with my pants on.

JP: You are literally Mr M&S. Why did you decide to work with M&S in particular?

DG: M&S are that true British brand that I’ve been going to for years… that my mum would take me to, that I got school uniforms from, that I got my first gym kit from, that I got my first suit from.

JP: Why did you decide to start by designing underwear in particular?

DG: It was probably the natural progression. I spend a lot of time in underwear. Actually though, doesn’t everyone spend a lot of time in underwear? I hope so anyway.

JP: I suppose you must have learnt a lot about underwear from posing in it all the time as well…

DG: I know what is uncomfortable, what was supportive and what wasn’t. Years of working with Dolce & Gabbana, you know. First thing I did when I was working with M&S and the other designers was to call those guys that luckily I’d be working with for so many years and get their advice.

JP: What do you think sets you apart as a celebrity designer do you think?

DG: I am there from step one, from the materials we use to how we want the packaging, to the design of the packaging, to the colours, to having everyone testing the underwear for fit.

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This Joshington Post was filmed at Brown's Hotel.

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