WATCH: David Gandy ‘Doesn’t Hang Around In Underwear All The Time!’ PLUS His Christmas Gift Guide

WATCH: David Gandy Confesses, 'I don't Hang Around In Underwear All The Time!'


by Josh Newis Smith |
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Ever wondered what it would be like to spend Christmas day with David Gandy? Well, you are not the only one! Our resident vlogger, Joshington Post, skipped off to The Browns Hotel to meet our number one crush to get the x-mas low down. Watch the video above to hear exactly what the model turned Marks and Spencer designer wants for Christmas and whether he lets that exercise regime slide over the soiree season PLUS did you know David is a touch crafty? He even makes his own wreaths, move over Kirsty Allsopp and be still our beating hearts! If that wasn't enough scroll below to see the ultimate man give you lucky ladies tips on what to gift your gents...

Joshington Post: Do you dress down on Christmas day?

David Gandy: I think I dress appropriately to where I am going. I think it's important to dress up, it’s a special occasion so I definitely don’t dress down.

JP: So this is the one day of year you aren’t hanging around in underwear?

DG: Funnily enough I don’t just hang around in my underwear all the time (laughs). It blows people away, I know.

JP: Do you let the exercise regime slide over the festive season?

DG: I am just very aware of what I nutritionally can and can not eat. But if there is Christmas pudding! I love Brandy butter… if it was up to me I would get a spoon and just eat Brandy butter.

Want to give the man in your life a piece of the Gandy magic? His dog tooth printed pants are a start...
Want to give the man in your life a piece of the Gandy magic? His dog tooth printed pants are a start...

JP: Is we were going to experience a 'Gandy Christmas' what would it be like?

DG: Last year I tried to fit 2,000 lights on a tree… I spent an afternoon and an evening trying to fit them on, the tree was too big for the room… go hard or go home! I even tried to make my own wreath… if this (my collection) goes wrong… I can see the Channel 4 documentary now, ‘From Briefs to Wreaths!’

JP: If you were going to go caroling what would you sing?

DG: I would be really worried for everyone if I did… I wouldn’t earn any money. My favourite song though is Nat King Cole’s ‘The Christmas Song or anything from Home Alone- that’s my go to Christmas film!

Alas David Gandy doesn't hang around in his underwear all the time... DEVO!

JP: What’s the one thing on your Christmas list?

DG: In the second Back To Future they came out with Hoverboards- I want a Hoverboard! They actually float and you can fly around. That’s what I want in my Christmas stocking… might be a bit big for a stocking though!

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Joshington Post filmed with David Gandy At Browns Hotel.

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