‘They Prefer Seeing Me On The Football Pitch!’ David Beckham On What His Kids Think Of His Acting

David Beckham On What His Kids Think Of His Acting


by Grazia |

Earlier this month the news broke that David wanted to have a career change and become an actor. At a screening of his short film 'Outlaw' with Belstaff David played down his move into film and said "people keep saying to me you're launching a new career which I'm definitely not. I'm definitely not going in the acting world."

He added: "I've enjoyed doing what I've done. Guy asked me to be in Man From U.N.C.L.E which I was very honoured to be in and then after a glass of wine he asked me to be in King Arthur and said by the way you will have 11 or 12 lines. But it went well. I like to challenge myself."

So how do his kids feel about him being an actor? David said to us at a Q&A before the screening: "I think they prefer seeing me on the football pitch, but they have enjoyed certain things that I've done over the years. I've done a campaign with Kevin Hart and that's one of the best ones I've done, so the kids are excited about things like that."

As for learning lines he said: "I spoke in a bit of Russian in the Man from Uncle, which obviously I'm fluent in. And in King Arthur I had to learn 11 or 12 lines which was challenging."

David has been linked to the James Bond franchise, and he squashed the rumours on Good Morning Britain saying "it's nice to be linked."

David said of starring in this short film with Cathy Moriarty and Harvey Keitel: "I was very nervous because this is not what I do. Geremy forgot to tell me my first scene was Harvey grabbing me on the shoulders and shouting at me. He was so amazing and genuine he made me feel comfortable." David said that "there was a knock on my trailer door and some lilies from Harvey and a note saying 'it takes a big man to send another man flowers.'"

As for playing an Outlaw he said: "To step into the outlaw role was something I enjoyed, but I enjoyed coming out of it more." Watch David's acting skills in the film below...

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