The Crochet Blanket Coat Is Back, And I Have Mixed Feelings About It

Can also be used as an actual blanket. Versatile


by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |
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I feel conflicted here. On one hand, the crochet blanket coat makes me think of 1970s pattern books and catalogue models with too-big smiles. On the other hand, this one is by Rosetta Getty, a really great LA-based brand I’m actually pretty obsessed with. And on the third han – and I’m not sure whose hand this is, because there’s no one else here – I think I want it.

I’ve always thought that if I did crafts, I would be great at them. I’m kind of scared of sewing machines, but I can collage like a motherfucker, and I made magical things out of Fimo when I was a child. Once, I cooked a crisp packet in the oven, and made it into a tiny crisp packet brooch. I’m pretty sure that I would be a total natural at the pottery wheel. And I sort of want to be the kind of person who macramés tote bags and crochets coats. This coat.

Admittedly, Gigi Hadid and I don’t have huge amounts in common on the looks front, and if I were to wear this coat, it might take on some different connotations. Frumpy connotations. But I don’t care. Let me fly, you guys. And let me be fly.


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