Cressida Bonas Proves That It’s Ok To Look Like A Posh Girl

She's just been announced as Mulberry's new muse...


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We've long had a style crush on Cressida Bonas, and now a mega-brand has finally tapped her potential. Mulberry have just announced that Cressida will be appearing in their upcoming video, starring alongside Mr Freddie Fox. Sadly we don't get to see the video until March, but we've been promised that it involves Freddie and Cress dancing 'as they would in their kitchen'. That's a lot to look forward to right there.

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We figured it was only right to remind you of how Cressida manages to work the posh girl scene, while looking totes amaze. Thought you didn't want to look posh? You might do after you check out these pics.


Cressida Bonas

You Can Wear Crazy Rainbow Prints1 of 10

You Can Wear Crazy Rainbow Prints

If you saw this dress on the hanger you might be a bit freaked out by it, but Cress pulled it off at a Wimbledon party and even made it look wearable to events that aren't sponsored by Ralph Lauren and pumped full of champagne.

Wedding Outfits Don't Have To Be Twee2 of 10

Wedding Outfits Don't Have To Be Twee

Wedding outfits can benefit from a posh girl's touch - we wouldn't have thought of putting a sequinned jacket over a maxi dress, but Cressida proves it can work.

Dungarees Are Allowed3 of 10

Dungarees Are Allowed

Thought posh girls didn't do denim? Think again. They do dungarees. And chips.

Good Hair Is A Given4 of 10

Good Hair Is A Given

If there's one consistently amazing thing about Cressida, it's her hair. Look at those flicky waves swirled to perfection. Plus we love the casual tailoring going on here.

Colour Isn't Off Limits5 of 10

Colour Isn't Off Limits

Swish girls don't just wear nude and pastels - Cressida braves a kooky bright red collar and a street vibe with panache.

Ballgowns Don't Need Poofy Skirts6 of 10

Ballgowns Don't Need Poofy Skirts

Ok so if you had to wear an evening gown to Annabels, you would want to look like this. It toes the line between slinky and appropriate for palace frequenting company.

Sports Luxe Stil Works7 of 10

Sports Luxe Stil Works

Even at an antiques gala, Cress manages to work an 'I'm no princess' vibe. The monochrome sports luxe combo is working a treat here.

Whites Don't Always Mean Tennis Wear8 of 10

Whites Don't Always Mean Tennis Wear

There are those signature dungarees again. Basically almost no one is cool enough to wear white dungarees and look good, but Cressida looks amazeballs. We will be buying some for summer.

Dressing Like Everyone Else Is Possible9 of 10

Dressing Like Everyone Else Is Possible

If you saw Cress in this outfit in the street, you might not know she was posh. She was actually at a Matthew Williamson show, and the gloss of those locks is another clue that she might be of good-stock, but check out the chilled out boots and plaid scarf that we've all got in our wardrobes. We're basically the same.

Cool Shoes Can De-Posh Your Outfit10 of 10

Cool Shoes Can De-Posh Your Outfit

Attending tea parties is a standard duty for a young deb in the spotlight, but instead of wearing pointy pretty shoes with her white lacy tea dress, Cressida chose a stompy clompy pair of heels. Respect.

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