New York Cool Girl Cory Kennedy Tells Us All About Her #NYFW

It's NYFW so we ask the cities coolest girls their best picks. First up Cory Kennedy...


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Just incase you hadn't noticed from your social media feeds New York Fashion Week is happening. And among a world of Kanye and Wintour, we wanted to know what's it really like on the frow? So we caught up with NY model, internet celeb, and all round fashion girl Cory Kennedy pre shows to find out...

NYFW has been a ritual since I was 16

I was often the youngest girl sitting front row, and I knew everyone. I loved backstage before the shows, taking photos and just had pure passion for NYFW. It's different now I'm older and I'm actually learning every new season about what is expected with the social media.

My favorite thing is discovering the future

The presentations and small shows that I go to at NYFW satisfy me much more. Yes, a big name designer's show is always exciting - but its time for me to go lurking for unknown talent, and that makes me truly happy.

My motto: own that dress, and make it yours

But this season I'm going out of my comfort zone. Wearing mostly dresses from the designers and heels! A major move for me. It will also bring a different thrill of NYFW for me. But I will always mix my own wardrobe with anything I wear.

When you look at those street style pictures, its not entirely real

Most of the street photos are of people with all the brand new designer pieces, and put together perfectly. Where for most people we can't afford the newest Celine bag, or Saint Laurent shoes.

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On streets of NY I'm seeing lots of camel boucle coats

I've wanted one forever! They are a classic staple for any wardrobe, and everyone should invest in a coat like that. And sneakers are out because I live in sneakers and people shouldn't be afraid of them.

I've always loved a turtleneck, and now they are a trend

It's funny turtlenecks are 'trending' but then you can guarentee in the long run, everything comes back as a trend - whether you expect it to or not! They're perfect for the NY weather that's for sure.

**My favourite NY shopping spot is Housing Works **

You can score major deals there on certain tag deals. Brand new Marc Jacobs jackets for under $200, vintage designers like Botegga Venetta clutches, and always good shoes. They are all around the city so usually the better area you're in, the better the clothes and accessories will get. Plus proceeds go to AIDS research.

I last bought some New Balance underwear

Sorry if that is unexciting, but they are neon! I got a present for the holidays which was a merlot colored boucle double breasted jacket by Karl Lagerfeld before he sold that line to Tommy Hilfiger. Score.

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