Copenhagen Fashion Week Is On, So Here’s The Best Shopping Spots The City Has To Offer

Charlotte Eskildsen, creative cool cat behind the awesome Danish brand Designers Remix has spilled the beans for us...


by Charlie Byrne |

Copenhagen Fashion Week is in full swing right now, with super slick Scandi designers like Ganni, By Malene Birger and Baum Und Pferdgarten cementing the week as a biggie on the show circuit.


Looking at all the catwalk pics of bleach blonde beauties in their skinny jeans and New Balance sneakers has got us lusting after a trip to Copenhagen, so we spoke to Charlotte Eskildsen, the founder and creative director at Designers Remix, one of the hottest tickets on this week's schedule, to find out where we should hit up (next time we're there, obvs).

If You're Into Vintage...

'If you want to dig up treasures from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lanvin and other high fashion unique bits, you go to Times Up Vintage,' Charlotte explains. 'The owner Jesper is the best vintage-hunter.' You have to check out this store if you're interested in fashion - firstly to look at the amazing high end stuff, but also to pick up some of the brilliant accessories, that start at around £20.


To Find Shiny Things...

'You won’t go empty handed from Line & Jo. Their minimalistic yet playful jewelry design is super classic but contemporary at the same time,' says Charlotte. We're loving the single pearl earrings that have a drop down chain, which will make you feel ridiculously elegant in a 'I hang out in Copenhagen all the time' kinda way.


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Have A B****reak For Coffee At...

Could this place look any cooler? 'My favorite lunch/coffee spot is Kafbar - go for their tasty and healthy rye bread sandwiches and top it off with a cortado,' says Charlotte.


And if You're Into House Plants (Who Isn't)...

If you're Danish, it seems like you're born with an appreciation for indoor foliage. 'I always pick up special houseplants at Mant on my way home,' says Charlotte. Have a poke around and see what vibe you should be recreating once you're back in Blighty and looking for the same thing in Ikea.


Where To Go To Get Your Dream Kit Out Your Pad

'I am a big fan of Danish interior and furniture,' says Charlotte. 'The newly opened Gubi Store is definitely worth paying a visit.' Ok so you're not likely to be able to afford a sofa here (or put one in your hand luggage, for that matter) but you can pick up some amazing little lamps that you will keep forever for around £250. The place to head if you want to buy something to make you feel like your poky flat is actually a very adult design project. That you're still working on. For the next five years.


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