How To Cope If You Hate Everything Your Boyfriend Wears

We're suggesting subtle tweaks, not complete makeovers here guys


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I hate white socks. Actually, let me rephrase that: I hate white socks when worn with dark shoes. Why does that bother me so much? It doesn’t to be honest, but I can’t help but wince when I look down at my boyfriend's brogues/vans/anything and see thick, white socks peeking out the top.

Now we know that if a guy told his girlfriend what to wear and/or tried to change her in any way there’d be an epic shitstorm, but trust us; this is not what you think. We’re not encouraging you make your BF over like some sort of demented TV presenter who declares their subject is a better person because they finally ditched the ill-fitting clothes. No – we’re talking about helping out when he casually wears braces and a belt, or just won’t let go of that Disney tie, and honestly has no idea how much slicker his H&M suit would be if he just added a pocket square.

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Despite limited options (especially when compared to our wardrobes), shopping for guys is a minefield, but as someone who can claim to have done it rather successfully, here are some tips to remember when trying to make subtle – and loving – adjustments to his wardrobe.

Introduce New Things But Proceed With Caution

Yes, some guys lean on grey, black and navy but he’s not going to comfortably ease into new shades if you throw a florescent orange top his way. Initially limit brights to accessories and try purple, burgundy and greens; if you catch him wearing them straight away, he’s obviously keen to break out from the normal male uniform.

Choose Your Shops Wisely

The easiest way to tidy an already stylish wardrobe can be dictated by the shop you choose. Brits have ben gifted with possibly the greatest high street in the world, but even an untrained eye can see the difference between a shirt from Topman and TM Lewin. Like we have fancier pieces for appropriate moments, men should have cuffed shirts, calf leather shoes and a well-tailored suit for making a statement outside the office. Occasionally upgrade to shops like Reiss and French Connection, because you really can tell the difference. But make sure you check them out during sales or hunt for bits during the sales, unless you’re a millionaire.

Do Your Research

Many women bemoan their other half’s failed efforts when Valentine’s Day gift undies are 4 cup sizes too big, but girls can easily make the same mistake. Yes, male fashions are generally in small, medium and large, but examine his frame (not like that) before venturing into the shops and make sure you check out the cut of the item. Your guy may be a medium, but if it’s a slim cut and he prefers a slightly looser fit bump it up to large.

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You Are Not Shopping For Yourself

I repeat: you are not shopping for yourself. My wardrobe is practically heaving with leopard print because I won’t rest until I look like London’s answer to Bet Lynch, but when I found myself grabbing red leopard ties and scarves in Reiss recently I had to step away before I made him look like something out of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Don’t Be Offended If He Doesn’t Wear It

No pleasant evening has ever begun with the question 'Why don’t you wear that top I got you?' Honestly, how is the poor man supposed to respond? He could be honest and say he didn’t like it but most guys would rather protect his GF’s feelings (and avoid an argument) and hide it in a drawer. Swallow your pride and use it as a learning opportunity so the next time you venture into the men’s department you’ll know what he prefers and why.

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