Five New Hero Handbags That Have The Power To Transform Any Outfit

They're not cheap, but if you've got the cash to spare, these bags will revolutionise your look in 2015 Photographs by Luke & Nik


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There's something about buying a new handbag that ushers in a new beginning - I guess it's all about clearing out the crap you've been carting around with you for months, chucking out all those scrunched up receipts, empty fag packs, train tickets, and squished chewing gums, and starting again.

But unless you're Miss Moneybags, you're probably only going to buy one new bag this season, so it's worth thinking properly about which bag you're actually going to use, and not ditch after five minutes because the Goldilocks syndrome kicks in. Basically, if you're going to spend £££ (or even ££) on a new bag, it might as well be one that's going to transform your entire look.

Sure, you might want to think about the trends, but start by thinking what style and size of bag do you actually NEED? Do you read epic novels on the commute? Or do you just need something insy winsy that will stop you hauling around your shoes, makeup bag, and the 15 bottles of half empty hand sanitiser that you never use anyway?

Start with this kind of practical level-headedness, instead of being distracted by the shiny, fluffy fleeting trends. Say hello to our five hero bags for SS15 - we're pretty sure you're going to want at least one of them.

The Ponyskin Tote


London Edit Tote, £269, Wolf & Badger

No ponies were hurt in the making of this epic bag from Wolf & Badger, but ponyskin is one of those grown-up looking fabrics that makes you look like you've got your shit together. The acid yellow straps keep it looking 20-something appropriate. If you're a magazine or paper hoarder like me, and you feel naked without carrying around your laptop/five books/three hair brushes, then a tote is the perfect size and shape for you. This is also a good one for those of you who are allergic to anything that isn't black.

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The Teeny Tiny Chain Bag


Bag, £223, Kenzo at

This is the bag if you're a lip balm, iPhone, bank card kinda gal. It's more of a glorified purse than an actual bag as it's very small. But isn't it glorious. Wear with equally loud block colours, or use to add a flash of summer feeling to a darker outfit. Sure to make a statement.

**The Bucket Beauty **


Bag, £110, available in store at Topshop

Trend hunters, stop here. Bucket bags have been bouncing around our hips for a couple of seasons now, but they ain't going anywhere. This summer they're the key style (even Mulberry and Burberry have jumped on the bucket bandwagon) and this white version, from good ol' Toppers, couldn't be more perfect. This isn't for those of you who end up with more ice cream on your nose than in your mouth as it will pick up dirt. Do not buy a white bag if you're prone to waving around Sharpies/juggling glasses of red wine/rubbing yourself against lilies, but DO buy if you're relatively accomplished at not making a mess.

The Envelope Clutch


Clutch, £30, ASOS

Dolled up clutch bags, you know the kind - the glitzy, stiffy styles - feel a bit old this summer. We've become so obsessed with dressing down, that even the clutch bag, the symbol of evening glamour and complete impracticality (it doesn't even have a STRAP) has been crafted out of plaid denim. And boy do we want it. Take it to a swanky dinner thing, and you will look as if you're nochalantly wearing jeans (without being chucked out the restaurant).

The Satchel With Style


Bag, £65, & Other Stories

Meet this season's ode to pop-art. Abstract arty splashes of colour kicked off at Chanel's SS14 collection, so the trend has lasted a whole year (no mean feat in fickle fashion-land) and I reckon it's going to feel current for a good while yet. This is the street style photographer's dream, and it actually isn't only for those who travel light - it's deceptively big. You can definitely get a pair of pants and a small deodorant in there alongside your keys, card and carmex. Ideal.

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Photographs: Luke & Nik

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