We Asked The Confetti Crowd Blogging Crew To Show Us How To Style Some Wigs

Meet the five fashion girls packing more colour than a packet of fruit pastillesPhotographs by Vicki King

We Asked The Confetti Crowd Blogging Crew To Show Us How To Style Some Wigs

by Charlie Byrne |
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If you haven't yet been blown away by The Confetti Crowd, a five strong fashion blogging phenomenon, then you're missing out. Mostly you're missing a load of wardrobe inspo involving unicorns, fluff and rainbows. And I mean a lot of rainbows. The girls, Lucy, Tiger, Heidi, Helena, and Cheyenne all have incredible pastel powered style, from their toes to their tresses, so we figured they were the kind of girls who would be up for trying a new trend - like wigs. Yep, they are the thing of the season.

So meet the Confetti Crowd, and check out their new do's;

Lucy Rance aka Lulutrixabelle


Favourite Disney film? Finding Nemo

The most precious accessory you own? My vintage Moschino bag which cost me £1 from a car boot sale!

Favourite hair colour? Right now, gingery blonde with dark roots.

Best nail polish? Barry M cobalt blue.

Wig, £11.99, Angels, t shirt, £65, Levi's at Urban Outfitters, dress, £56, Urban Outfitters

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TigerLilly aka EasyTiger


What's your dream outfit? A large brimmed cowgirl hat, a turqouise stone american indian choker, a funky coloured bead crop top, a multicoloured cropped shaggy fur coat and a pair of badass flares, massive wooden platforms and a Chanel backpack. Of course.

Which item do you borrow from each other the most? Shoes! Luckily we are all the same size.

What's in your makeup bag? The usual makeup bits, but with an added collection of glitter and gems!

If you were a biscuit, what would you be? A Party Ring

Wig, £26.99, Angels, top, £14, Topshop, dungarees, £69, Urban Outfitters

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Heidi Petite aka Heidi Petite


If you had to wear one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be? 1000% MOSCHINO!!!

Favourite lipgloss/lipstick/lipbalm? MAC cherish.

Best fashion present anyone has ever given you? Louis Vuitton bag!

What's your spirit animal? A rainbow zebra.

Wig, £18.99, Angels, top, £48, American Apparel, jacket, £35, Missguided.co.uk

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Helena Lester-Card aka Sassy World


Favourite ice cream flavour? Vanilla (not very sassy I know)

Which pair of shoes can you not survive without? At the moment it's my chunky white ASOS platforms that look a bit like clown shoes, I've worn them every day! My aim is to paint them colourful when they get too dirty.

Last thing you bought? A rainbow unitard from Minga London!

What emoji would you be if you were an emoji? It's a toss up between the rainbow or the sassy lady!

Wig, £12.99, Claire's Accessories, dress, similar £36, Topshop, T shirt, similar £64, Topshop

Follow Helena on Twitter @helibells

Cheyenne Davide aka Snoochieshy.com


Favourite vintage thing you own? Vintage pink bomber jacket from Sassy World

What's the best show at fashion week? ANY Jeremy Scott show!

Your best beauty tip? Always wash your vagina. And bring a pot of Vaseline anywhere you go.

Who is your style icon from the last ten years? My mum has been my style icon for the past 22 years.

Wig, £12, Claire's Accessories, top, £10, Misguided.co.uk, dress, £20, Misguided.co.uk

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**Photographs: **Vicki King

Art Direction: Natalia Bagniewska

**Hair: **Tiffanne Williams

**Make-up: **Lucy Joan Pearson

**Stylist: **Becky Fearn

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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