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In Defence Of Only Wearing Comfortable Underwear

We're comfortable underwear converts, and proud.

Comfortable underwear often gets a bad rap. There's this long-standing stereotype that it's frumpy and unsexy - and while yes, some snug underwear can look unflattering, not all comfortable lingerie has to be.

Soft and supple bras and briefs have much more to offer than just comfort - they can provide an undeniable sex appeal and help you ace the base of any outfit you flaunt. So, here's our ode to comfortable underwear...

Comfortable underwear is kind to your body

Underwear sits against your skin all day long, so it makes sense to wear some that's actually kind to your body. Bras that don't pinch your back and briefs that don't itch or rise up can really improve your day-to-day life (trust us: we know). Plus, we're always being told to be kind to ourselves and to our minds, so why shouldn't we be kind to our bodies, too?

Comfort and sex appeal CAN exist together

For ages, women have been inadvertently led to believe that in order to look and feel their utmost best, they need to be donning a push up, lacy number. But in reality, that just isn't the case - to look and feel your best, all you need to do is feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. And that's not hard to achieve, what with the help of the new S by sloggi lingerie collection.

Featuring sleek silhouettes and super-soft materials, this innovative underwear collection marries comfort and sultriness to take lingerie into a whole new ball game. As well as offering flexible support, these bras and briefs meet the demand for the new kind of sexy.

S by sloggi consists of two lines for women – Serenity and Silhouette. The former boasts understated yet elegant designs, with back seams and geometrically embossed bra cup linings, whilst the latter features delicate spaghetti straps and lace inserts. No doubt, everything in the collection will leave you feeling confident and sexy, yet oh-so-comfortable. Don't believe us? Check out the range below...

With comfortable underwear, you forget you're even wearing it

When you're wearing snug, well-fitting underwear, it's often easy to forget that you're even wearing underwear at all. And that's how it should be all of the time, because who wants to be reminded that they have layers of clothing on?

It's the perfect base for any outfit

Those tight, strappy bras and thongs that leaves tell-tale lines on your skin are definitely big no-nos in our books. But invisible body wear that's seductive and comfortable, and that also doesn't show under even the most tight-fitted clothing? Sign us right up.

Made of an ultra-fine material, the form-fitting S by sloggi Silhouette range is practically invisible under clothing, making it the perfect base for any outfit. And when you strip down to your underwear? Well, the light lace bras are provocative enough to leave a lasting impact.

Are you a comfortable underwear convert? Shop the must-have S by sloggi collection here.