Clothes That Cool Your Body Might Make Air Conditioning Redundant

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by Edwina Langley |
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Fed up of sweating away in the office? Wish there was some other way of keeping cool – rather than via that icy air conditioning or office fan, which – let's face it – basically circulates warm air?

Scientists might have come up with the answer! As Science journal reports, engineers from Stanford University in USA have developed an inexpensive textile that 'promotes effective radiative cooling while still having sufficient air permeability, water-wicking rate, and mechanical strength for wearability'.

Basically it allows not only body heat (in the form of infrared radiation) to escape, but sweat to evaporate through it too. So much so, it could reduce you body temperature by up to 4°F!

Made up of a type of cling film, the plastic-based material 'nanoPE' is permeated with teensy holes which, when woven into clothing, allow infrared light to escape, whilst not allowing visible light to get through.

Researchers are hoping that clothing made in this way might one day negate the need for air conditioning in hot climates.

As The Daily Telegraph reported, Dr Yi Cui (an associate professor of materials science and engineering and of photon science at Stanford) said: 'If you can cool the person rather than the building where they work or live, that will save energy.'

And wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? We might have to wait a while before this becomes a reality, but it's interesting to note nonetheless that the future of fashion lies not just as an art form, but as a science too.

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