Cindy Crawford To Create Super Soap Opera About ‘Modelling Wars’

Cindy Crawford To Create Supermodel Soap Opera


by Emma Spedding |
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Want another model TV show to obsess over? Well good news, Cindy Crawford is working on her own TV show about the supers.

Variety reports that Cindy is working on an NBC drama called 'The Icon,' which will explore the modelling wars in the ’80s between Ford Modelling Agency and Elite Model Management. Sounds juicy.

Crawford isn't doing a Gossip Girl on the supers, exposing backstage fights over hairspray and Sports Illustrated covers. The series will be fictionalised with a no names named approach, so no spats between Claudia, Linda, Naomi, Brooke, Elle and Christy will be exposed.

So what are these 'Model Wars'? In the late 70s Ford Modelling Management was on top, ran by Eileen Ford and her husband Jerry. The drama started when John Casablancas opened up Elite Model Management in the US and a number of models left Ford, as pver at Elite models were transformed from faces into 'supermodels.' During the 80s the two model agencies fought over the supers and major campaigns.

Cindy Crawford might have shown how great she is on camera in that Pepsi commercial, but she won't be appear as a character in the series and will stay in the producers chair.

***See the supers then and now in the gallery below... ***


Supermodels Then and Now

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Then: Elle MacPherson

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Now: Elle MacPherson

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Then: Christy Turlington

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Now: Christy Turlington

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Then: Cindy Crawford [Rex]

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Now: Cindy Crawford [Rex]

rexfeatures_188159a (1)7 of 16

rexfeatures_188159a (1)

Then: Naomi Campbell [Rex]

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Now: Naomi Campbell [Rex]

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Then: Linda Evangelista

rexfeatures_4273586am10 of 16


Now: Linda Evangelista

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Then: Claudia Schiffer [Rex]

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Now: Claudia Schiffer [Rex]

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Then: Stephanie Seymour [Rex]

rexfeatures_3761918a14 of 16


Now: Stephanie Seymour [Rex]

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Then: Helena Christensen [Rex]

rexfeatures_4301987i16 of 16


Now: Helena Christensen [Rex]

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